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Has my bike been dropped ??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by aperfectworld, Mar 14, 2006.

  1. When i purchased my 5 year old Honda V25 cruiser i noticed that there was two dings on the top of the tank. After tense negotiating i asked whether those two dings were the result of the bike being dropped and was told by the salesman that no it hadnt. I looked over the bike and could find no other damage ( i paid close attention to any scratches on the ends of handlebars, levers and mufflers ) so therefore just took his word for it that the bike had never been over.

    I eventually got the bike home last night after the customary 60 km return trip thru the royal national park and trip along the coast road to home. While i was reading thru some other forums i noticed that when a bike goes over there are commonly dings on the tank caused from the handle bars and this got me thinking.

    How else would two dings get on the top of the tank. One is like a circle with a tiny bit of paint taken off while the other is just a normal compression ding. I understand that paintless dent removal is not really an option and its something that i can live with (for the moment while the euphoria has not warn off) but can anyone tell me

    a) has my bike been dropped
    b) if so is there anything i should be wary of riding a bike that has been dropped.

    In terms of performance i cannot fault the bike, i was also given the stat warranty of 3000kms or 3 months.

    Thanks people
  2. Yes, it's prolly been dropped.

    Not it prolly won't be too much of an issue, most bikes out there have been dropped at one point or another. If all that's wrong with it is a couple of dents in the tank, then you're prolly pretty lucky.

    On the other hand, you don't KNOW for sure that that's all that's wrong with it.

    Don't want to do a 'you should've known better', but I would've said to the salesman: "Well if it hasn't been dropped how did these dents get here?". Chances are it was dropped by a learner going at 20kph up his quiet home street. If that's the case think of it more as 'character' - Battle Scars if you will.

    I would suggest taking it to a bike mechanic you trust just to give it a once over.

    Don't know where you stand with the bike shop, they'd prolly just say that they had no knowledge of it being dropped - and it's prolly true. They don't ask when they buy/trade in these bikes simply because they don't want to know.

    One thing I can suggest to look for (and we're talking a cruier here aren't we?) is bent handle bars. Turn the handle bars full lock left and right, chances are they don't touch the tank, so if they are handle bar dents, then the bars would've had to bend to make them. Happen on my first bike. Can create structural issues and balance issues...

    Good luck...
  3. It could have been dropped, and all damage repaired except for the ding?
  4. Mmmm , 2 circular dint's on the tank that sit between your legs , well the last owner was a male. :wink: .

    Don't fix it till you get the hang of the new bike ,just in case you drop it your self.
    I really like the honda cruisers, if i could just afford two bikes.
  5. i got told my bike had never been down.. then i met the original owner and he told me how he'd crashed it at a racetrack.. Only minor damage, in better light i could see the scratches on the fairings..

    never trust a salesman ..
  6. It doesn't sound like you have anything to worry about as long as the bike rides true. handle bar and front wheel are strait. Also that the bike steers left as well as it steers right. There is a difference to falling off the peg the downing a bike at speed.
    I often knock my mirrors or bar ends just putting my bike away.
    Something could of fell on the tank or the bike fell on to something.
    It would have to be a decent whack for the handle bars to dent the tank and on both sides, on a hit like this the handle bar stops could be broken.
  7. When I was looking for my Ducati Monster, I went down to Garners to test ride a hire bike they had down there.. there were two dings on either side of the tank, where if you turned the handlebars and the bikes weight was on the handle bars, it then made dints in the tank. They Garners guy was quite upfront about saying that these were due to drops. but no speed drops. The bike was still straight (ish) and the dints were cosmetic. So yes, your bike has been dropped but as pete the freak said, its prolly just tipped over at no speed!
  8. my bike has a small ding on top of the tank - a tool dropped a spanner on it!

    not all silver clouds have a lead lining, but many seem to.
  9. As Bonox has said not all tank damage can be put into the 'bike dropped' arena :)

    Many moons ago my oldest daughter ran inside in tears and terrified at what my reaction was going to be, she was getting something outa the garage and instead of asking if i could move the bike, she attempted to get her sewing machine down off the rack..... you guesed it she dropped it right smack square in the middle of the tank of my "JUST PAINTED" and restored CBR1000. the tank was roo ted and need to be replaced and the bike was definatly NOT dropped in this case :LOL:

    ( my daugher lived but learnt to ask next time ) :LOL: :p :LOL:
  10. Quick easy test to see if it was a big hit...

    Turn the bike full lock to one side, have a look at the back of the lower Triple clamp, there will be a small notch on the triple clamp, there will be corresponding notch on the frame, these notches are to stop the bars and forks from over turning into the frame.

    If these are at all damaged, eg they look like they were smashed into each other, you bike has most likly been crashed, a drop off a side stand wouldn't cause much if any damage to the notches.

    Oh yeah, and being my first post hello everyone....
  11. I was in traffic in Jolimont years ago and a pine cone fell down and bopped me on the helmet then fell and dented my tank. stupid pine cone!
  12. It's funny how many people buy bikes which have "never been dropped" when in fact most used bikes a few years old have at some stage been dropped. I've seen proper stunt bikes and race bikes that have not only been dropped but flipped and smashed etc countless times, have their original and preserved mint fairing put back on and sold to some muppet that swears by the looks of the brand new bar ends, levers and mint fairings that their new purchase has never been dropped. Can't help but laugh my ass off at that :)
  13. nit of a sweeping statement there padros, but you should certainly beware of the warning signs.

    Similar to worn out seat and pedals in a car that the owner says has only done 50,000km, you can find instances where things just dont seem to fit - brand spankers aftermarket mufflers, mirrors and bar ends can be a good one here - cheap coverup for stacks. Or a single brand new indicator lens on one side where the others are faded.
  14. Had a rather large crease in the tank of my old Suzi Gs1000s. I washed it in the backyard one day, pushed it back under the verandah after doing this, and slipped. The bike fell away from me and I couldn't stop it hitting the verandah post.

    I dropped the bike as well, even wrote it off, but never dinted the tank on those occasions
  15. Welcome and good post.

    If a bike has been in a serious fall then the bump stops around the steering head will have been damged. Just moving the bike around a carpark should produce no more then a surface mark on these. Anything more is indicative of something more serious.

    If it has I'd think about taking it back to the bike shop and asking for some compensation. A verbal contract is just as binding as a written one. That and I hate used car/bike salesmen.
  16. Good luck to anyone who can get that done. Used car and bikes sales people are very slippery at the best of times and will sometimes get out of things that are written. Verbal, you can pretty much forget about :LOL:
  17. Whats the deal with people only ever wanting a bike that has never been dropped. I would assume that most bikes have been dropped once in their life time. Shouldn't the real question be, what type of drop and what damage was done? i mean a 5km/hr drop onto grass (that was me last night when i dropped a bike for the first time!!) compared to a 90km hr slider down the highway? what can happen from a slow speed crash?