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Has Honda laid an egg? Latest Sales Figures

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by rc36, Aug 27, 2005.

  1. I continue to question the direction that Honda has taken with the current VFR800 and this unease with the changes seems to be reflected in the latest sales figures and in owner feedback.

    AMCN (Vol 55 #04) this week published the latests results and it seems to show that Honda are on the wrong track with the VFR.

    Whereas in previous surveys the VFR has rated very highly in the Sports/Touring category, winning it often in the past, the latest figures show it languishing in 7th place with less than half of the YTD figures of the winner of the category, the awesome Blackbird.

    How have the mighty fallen.

    Even more worrying is some of the bikes that have taken its place.

    The VTR1000F; GREAT sportsbike, but marginal tourer unless you're a masochist (my neighbour has one and I've discussed this matter frequently with him. He does tour on his, but it's hard work, he says)

    Suzuki GS500F.. PARDON???? What was that???

    Hayabusa? Well, probably,

    Bandit? Sure, ask Skuffy

    Triumph Sprint? Again, a LITTLE perplexing. Perhaps a lot more sport than touring???

    In any event, each of these bikes have their fans, but why has the VFR sunk to 7th place?

    And why do readers write in and say that they had one and sold it because it's lost the advantages that previous models had??

    Sometimes manufacturers can be too clever for their own good. I wonder if Honda has done that this time??
  2. The new VFR is SO removed in style and engeniring it is NOT what they were in the past!! I would take an old VFR750 from 1987 any day onver a brand new one!!
  3. Well, I helped those figures, went to buy a VFR800, and the wife told me to look at the Blackbird, well how could you go past the CBR1100XX Blackbird at a $1,000 cheaper price tag.
  4. Indeed. And was it just the price that swayed you?

    (your wife is obviously a very discerning woman)