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Has anyone used Revzilla for tyres

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by CraigA, Jan 14, 2015.

  1. Just wondering if anyone has ever ordered gear from Revzilla?

    In particular tyres.

    I ask because they are advertising the new Metzeler M7rr on this very site, which is the tyre I am keen to try next. My usual tyre supplier ( Jake Wilson) doesn not thave these listed, so I am looking for an alternative supplier.
    When you click on the revzilla link to enter their website and then read the fine print, it states that they will not ship tyres to international customers........ Which then poses the question, why are they advertising tyres ( or tires if you like) on an Aussie bike forum in the first place? Is it just their way of pissing me off? LOL
  2. You been drinking Craig?
  3. I think it's a targeted advert based on your computers / network devices cookies.
    I het adverts from Amazon for Moto cross armour
  4. CraigACraigA you can pay to have a US address that essentially forwards the goods on to you.

    Google "get a US address for shipping to Australia" and you will find many places that do it.
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  5. Using a forwarder is pretty pricey, and for tyres doubly so I would imagine? Does MMMTSMMMTS ship tyres?
  6. Using a forwarder would end up with a landed price costing more than getting them fitted locally. Tyres can't be folded, etc so the cubic weight means exe freight.
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    I actually had mmmts advise me to buy off Jake Wilson a couple of years ago, GoozaGooza rather than buy tyres off him and then ship to qld. I got the impression that the cost to ship locally was prohibitive.

    TWEETTWEET Costs about us$50-60 to get tyres to my door from Jake Wilson. That's direct from that supplier, Not using a forwarder.
    Fitting and balancing is free at my house.
  8. Of course! Man's not a camel you know!!
    Pretty sure simigh has nailed it with the targeted advertising. Just spins me out that an ad targetting me by a potential supplier then tells me it can't supply the product it was initially targeting me for.
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  9. Yes, the wonders of the internet.
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  10. I just purchased a set of TKC80's and Rosso 2's shipped to my door for les than the cost of just th Rosso 2's bought locally including the exchange rate. (Rocky Mountain ATV)

    It's insane the way the local distributors are gouging us. They are bringing in shipping containers of tyres bought from the wholesaler and shipped far more economically and then putting a 300% markup on them.

    I want to support the local guys, the smaller shops but I can't more often than not they don't have the tyres on the shelf and need to order them anyway which is 2-3days wait v's 5dsys from the U.S.
  11. how much was shipping if you don't mind me asking?
  12. Just did a dummy purchase and the michelins I got put on a fortnight ago would've cost me $50 more from the states. Depends on the tyre I suppose. The rosso 2 are about $100 cheaper than local guys so I guess it's worth it. Was there and extra charges on shipping than those stated at checkout iClintiClint?
  13. Rocky mountain and Jake Wilson now have the Metzeler M7rr online. I helped a mate purchase a set on Sunday night and all up it came to just under AUD400 delivered for the set (180 rear). Even with the low dollar that's definitely better than we could have bought locally.
  14. No, shipping actually gets cheaper that's why I got 2 sets.
  15. $95 shipping it basically worked out to by one set get one set free compared to Australian prices- I fit them myself so no other costs
  16. I've been buying tyres from Rockymountain/Jake Wilson for years, just discovered today they will no longer ship tyres/oversized items to Australia!

    Same for Revzilla and a host of other US parts stores!

    While STG (Sportbiketrackgear) wants US$235 to ship a set of Q3 tyres to Melbourne!

    Anyone got any suggestion on any other supplier?

  17. Not sure where you got the info regarding Jake Wilson not shipping to Australia, but I just received a set of tyres ( Metzeler M7RRs) from them last week, so perhaps check again? . It took about 7 business days. Total cost just over $430, which is cheaper than I could buy them locally.

    Pays to check local prices now that the dollar is low though. Some tyres are now cheaper locally. EG Pirelli Angel GTs are about $30 cheaper here than a delivered set from the states.
  18. Thanks CraigA.

    Haven't been on NR for quite a while now.

    I've just checked jakewilson, and they do ship to Oz now.

    "Not sure where you got the info regarding Jake Wilson not shipping to Australia" - got that from their website, natch! Same for Revzilla & a host of others. My post was in Apr, I attempted to order only to discover ob Checkout that these US retailers wouldn't ship to our shores.

    Situation has obviously changed since.

    End of day, with the low AUD rate these days, will explore options.
  19. It's strange actually whitenitewhitenite because I have been buying tyres off them for several years with no dramas as have you from your previous post.
    Only thing I can think of that prevented you from buying is that there was a glitch in their system or some such similar thing on that day.
  20. Im looking at getting some pilot power 3's from RMATV, but worried about fitting costs would negate any sort of bargain. Do you fellas fit them yourselves or pay someone to do it? If so whats the going rate?