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Has anyone used a Bell Helmet?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Azzab, Sep 2, 2011.

  1. Hey guys checking out new helmets the other day and was lolooking at Bell. Really dig the shape, patterns and safety used on the Star (prob a bit too racey for me) and the RS-1.

    Has anyone used them and how do they rate. Where do I buy in Brisbane?


  2. 26 reads and no replys, Im guessing not many people have Bells :)
  3. they're a motorSPORT lid, not motorCYCLE
    not sure if they're legal for motorcycle use.
    one place to buy is xtreme motorsport on toombul road northgate
    bit of a hike for you, but that's the only one i know
  4. I've got a Bell Star. Love the magnetic catch but I find it a tad noisier than my Shoei XR 1000.
    I got my Bell from America
  5. I don't think anyone has imported Bell motorcycle helmets since the long-gone days of the Star II have they? So if you bring one in, look up the threads about Australian standards decals...

    Bell used to be the ducks guts. Now I'd say they're no better than the rest of the pack, and you might as well choose something that fits you properly off the shelf of any Brisbane motorcycle shop.
  6. They use to be all the rage.
    Bell are for bikes as well. I still have a Moto 3 laying around that is so old the foam has gone crusty. God new helmets are so much lighter,
    They were a big company but fell from grace in the mid eighties. And have not heard much from them since.
    For the price I am sure you could get a more mainstream helmet. That won't have any replacement or warranty issues.
  7. Thanks for the help guys. Yeah heard they were the business a while ago but from what I can find are making a huge comeback atm.

    Unfortunatley my ears stick out which means I cant wear AGV or Shark, have tried both several timesin the hope Ill find the right one but each one grabs my ears and makes them fold over, very uncomfortable haha.
  8. How it fits you is a big factor.

    I had a Moto III with a tinted peak years ago, which was a great road helmet around town, and it was comfy and surprisingly quiet for that usage.

    Someone stole it, so it might be a bit of sentimentality, but my recollection is of it being the favourite of all the ones I've had. But my most recent helmets date back to '98 (a pricey AGV at the time, as well as an Eldorado open-face) and there are plenty of great lids around these days.
  9. I have the same ear problem however my helmets have an ear recess so it doesn't happen
  10. I think bell was bought out by kbc
  11. if you have big ears go and try on a shoei XR1100, it has great ear cut outs, my ears dont even touch the helmet lining at all. Feels amazing, sold me on the shoei immediately once i put it on in the store.
  12. i stand corrected.
    i've only ever seen them used for car racing
  13. There appears to be two different companies. Bell Helmets and Bell Sports.

    I initially looked at Bell from the Sharp safety report http://sharp.direct.gov.uk but have now realised the Bell RS-1 which I liked is from Bell Sports, NOT Bell Helemts which appear to be the group that was tested.

    Unconnected as for the XR1100 it fits me perfect, the only reason I looked at Shark and Bell was becuase of the cheaper price. And the sun visor in Sharks and photowhatsycallit lens in Bell which would prevent having two visors.
  14. There is only one genuine Bell brand, and that's the one with the white oval and the word Bell in capital letters (usually red), so both Bell Helmets and Bell Sports are the same thing. The brand has been owned by different companies over the years, all the way back to Toptex in the 1970s. The current US range, or most of them, can be found here: www.motorcycle-superstore.com/1/1/3...ell-Street-Bike-Helmets-Mens-Riding-Gear.aspx

    I'd love a Custom 500 in white. I still have the distinctive Bell snap-on peak, left over from 1977...
  15. A look around some Oz forums turns up a posts saying that they aren't currently being distributed here.
  16. Thanks BB, that was the range I was interested in. But alas as Wayned says I cant find anyone distributing them here and have decided its not worth the risk ordering from the States and having to send back if it dont fit - especially because I seem to have finicky shaped head. So it appears Im going back to Shoei (opens wallet and just throws away cash) hahaha.
  17. Your real issue isn't fit, it's legality. No Bells are Australian standards approved, so you could face possible consequences of that. Check a zillion threads on this forum about helmet standards. I'm going to have to fake an original Bell open face using a locally sourced white helmet, if I can find one that fits properly.