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Has anyone transported a bike internationally?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by burna, Apr 11, 2014.

  1. Saspotato and I recently completed an 11 day road trip (car) of New Zealand's south island. For anyone who hasn't been, it's motorcycle heaven. Even the windiest road where you struggle to get the car up to 60 is all 100kmh speed limit and most of the roads (except around Christchurch) were pretty good. We spent much of our trip wishing we had our bikes there which got me thinking about how this could be possible.

    Hiring bikes is expensive (we tried this just for a day trip while in Queenstown but it ended up just being too hard)

    I have done some basic searching online and it seems it would cost around $1500 per bike one way which for two bikes (and bringing them home again) is a lot of money.

    The only other option is to buy a couple of bikes over there and flog them when we leave but it's not quite the same as doing the trip on your own bike.

    Even if we find a way, a trip like this would prob'ly be several years off but I am curious if anyone has managed to take their bike overseas at a reasonable cost.
  2. So $1500 per bike one way, is $3000 per bike. Can you hire a bike for less than $3k?
    First Google search result gave me $170 per day, so 14 days = NZ$2380 (from here)
    I've had a look at all the Google search results on the first page and they're all a similar price, $170-$190 per day.
    Not cheap, but cheaper than shipping your own bike over. And WAY less hassle.

    I'd love to do the same thing in a few year's time, it looks like the NZ road system was plotted/designed by bikers.

    EDIT : do a search for the thread by the German couple, they shipped their bikes to Oz and then shipped them on to NZ. They have a blog where they detail everything and costs etc, would be a good resource to flick through
  3. Define reasonable.

    The major issue is how long the trip is likely to be.

    If you are just going some place for 10 days or a fortnight, then probably the answer is no.

    If you are going for two or three months, then it becomes a really neat idea.
  4. Interesting. i went through the same motions only about 3 weeks ago. Inquired about prices for bike hire in Qld. Surprised by the cost. Wondered about taking my own over - and found I wasn't going to save anything.

    NZ is pure bike heaven. (Well, it's just heaven period). At this stage the best I've come up with is to work with a few other people. Buy some bikes over there, and split the cost between a few groups of people. Another option could be (if there was enough interested people) to have some sort of club organise and buy bikes in NZ and do some hiring there, but I wonder if the cost over time would end up being much cheaper than hiring. The other problem then is logistics. Is doable, but not easy.

    Tassie's much easier (but then again Tassie's not NZ either ;) )

    I've wondered why bike hires in NZ are so expensive compared to cars. Is it that there aren't as many people wanting to hire, or is it that there's more accidents? Bikes are cheaper than cars to buy - I can't figure it out myself.
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    What, they've got a lower tax rate and better winding roads, am I to dare think that Robert Muldoon was right afterall ? (in that the smart ones stay in NZ).
  6. Check what it would cost to fly them over. It might be cheaper than you think.

    The other thing you might think about is contacting dealers. See if they will sell you a bike with a guaranteed buy back (depending on condition).
  7. :] Reminds me of the time when my wife and I were planning a trip to Greece.

    At the time, I still had my Z50J Honda, which weighed in at just under 50 kilos.

    Anyhow, at the time there was some special deal with Emirates, whereby Business class was only double the normal cattle class.

    So I thought, why not, and booked our flights in the slightly up market bit of the plane.

    Came home and was reading what you got for Business Class and explained to Angie that we were allowed 50 kilos of baggage each.

    There was a bit of a pause in the conversation, then she put on what has now become known as a Julie Bishop "death stare", and said...
    "No. You are not taking the wee motorbike with you."

    (Sigh) She knows me too well.
  8. Thanks for your replies. I know this isn't going to be the cheapest option for touring but over the years I have read so many accounts of people bringing bikes to Oz from Europe that I'm curious how they do it.

    Yes but I think this only includes very basic insurance, I wouldn't want to be up for $1000's if we had a mishap. I tried to find out more from a bike hire place in Queenstown but the guy that was there was only filling in n didn't know the particulars so it all got a bit too hard in the end.

    Most likely around 2 weeks, 3 at the most I'd say.

    Risk of writing it off is higher I'd guess.

    I think this was the one I found.

    This was one of the options I saw along with buying privately though private sale presents problems in getting rid of it fast so prolly not really an option.
  9. Dave Milligan, according to his current web-site, seems to have given up on shipping Oz to NZ.

    Aye, the folk that I know that have shipped bikes OS, tend to have them shipped to Europe, and it's part of a Grand Tour Plan of several months.

    One mate shipped one of his bikes to Europe, either three or four years ago.

    He and his lovely wife fly over every year, pick up the bike from where ever it has been parked, service it, and then ride off into the sunset.

    They actually do more kilometres on a motorbike in Europe (and a bit of Africa, and Asia) on their holidays than they do in Oz in the rest of the year,

    But, back to the NZ business.....
    according to the folk I know, while the roads in NZ are brilliant for biking, the weather isn't too flash, so maybe a rented tin-top has its merits.
  10. The car was fun enough and has some advantages bc it is so much easier to pull over and check out the view without having to take gear on n off all the time, but it's just not as much fun, is it? :)

    Yea the weather could be an issue but we had awesome weather when we were there. It was still overcast but didn't rain until the end of our trip even though it had been forecast for days. Not like Melbourne, hasn't stopped raining since I got back!
  11. Not NZ, but I'm looking into the idea of buying a bike next time in the US and keeping it with family there. We go over every year or so, so why not! Hell of a lot cheaper than shipping or hiring.