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Has anyone tested the Triumph Thunderbird Storm

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by scott11006, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. Hi, I'm looking at getting onto a cruiser and like the Storm not a fan of HDs. Being 49yrs, 6' 3" and 106kgs I want something to site back and enjoy the scenery with the other half on board. We are waiting for Triumph to bring their demo bikes down for a test ride,just thought I'd see if anyone has any views on the bike.

  2. how ya gona pick up chics with your missus onboard?
  3. one of the riders over at Canberra Riders did a test tide up at Wollongong, and loved it!

    I'm also keen to keep my ears open for views / thoughts on this bike...
    next year I might upgrade the W800 for a Storm!
  4. the man does have a point. don't be needing Mrs.ballandchain on the back of your steed. even the ring goes in your pocket on rides.
  5. Yer the problem is I can only hand one at a time. If the misses was a problem I'd get rid of her first but I am happy so why screwup a good thing.
  6. Scott....!

    I had my heart set on getting the TB Storm when i get off restrictions, (i'm a returning rider), but was very disappointed with it when i sat on it - i'm 5' 8" and was on the balls of my feet sitting on the stock seat.

    Now though, in saying that, everyone else i spoke to who owned one loved them!

    The stock seat was the most uncomfortable bike i have sat on in a while, and further there is no screen to fit it. The sidestand was too far forward and hard to reach easisly with my short-arse legs!

    With how i wanted it configured, it was going to cost $5k more, and it is an expensive bike as it is!

    Then, i went and sat on the ROCKET III - what a bike - comfortable as and my next bike!!!!!!!! - check it out!

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  7. is it black?
  8. Lol, very black.
  9. all stock seats are crap.
    and screens are for girls.
  10. Sure, but comfortable girls!
  11. The current or recemt AMCN mag has a comparo with the Storm and vt1300cx, vrod, & m109. No winner as they are all different but writer wld take the storm.
  12. Thanks, tc2233 & spots I read the usa report the storms seams to be very popular everywhere just a pain the price difference between Oz and Usa. About 10 grand, didn't think freight was that much.
    As for the seat from what I've seen you would have to change it unless you only plan for short rides by yourself.
  13. MCN has an onboard ride/review posted on their you tube channel
    don't have broad brand to link it sorry.
    but on paper that thing has low down torque to die for
    and we all know torque is king in the real world
  14. MotoUS First Ride


    :D Enjoy
  15. Well have booked a test ride for Saturday weather permitting,just have wait for the weekend now. Will let everyone know how the ride goes.Thanks for the comments and links.
  16. Bummer, didn't get to have my test ride to wet have to try again later.
  17. Thats no good, but i'll still be interested in your report when it happens!! I've been turned off the rocket again by the tyre wear - so the storm it is again for now!
  18. Hi Folks,

    I can confirm its an awesome bike...I bought mine in April.
  19. I looked long and hard at the Thunderbirds but ended up with the Rocket.So much more for an extra $2000.
    Being a little over 6'.2" and wanting plenty of room for swags,tents and not feeling cramped or underpowered,the Rocket fits the bill in every way.
    It can also get 300klms+ out of the tank and is not too heavy on fuel when you consider its size(7L/100klm)

    I still think the T/bird is a great bike if you are of shorter stature or dont do long trips.