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Has anyone tested out a Mo-Tow?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by ad91on, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. http://www.motow.com.au/


    So i'm thinking of getting one of these and hooking it up to my car for trackdays instead of having to get a ute, or a trailer which will take up needless space and rego when not being used.

    Has anyone got any experience with them? My main concern is the carrying capacity - it says it is rated at 400lbs (around 175 kgs i think) and my bike is more like 195kgs with fluids so a bit over that. Last thing i want is my bike to break off the back of the car and write itself off!

    Any thoughts>?

  2. Yeah mate, I use one for getting my DRZ around. I'm not sure how well it would for street bikes, they might be a bit wide.
  3. That was my fear that they might, but i imagine there'd still be enough clearance and worst case scenario is it's touching the car (gasp!). Did you have any problems with it? easy to install? did you use a hayman reece towbar?
  4. It's very easy to install, it just slides into the stock towbar on my Honda CRV with a few bolts you need to tighten and a safety chain to attach. The only problem i've had is due to my own stupidity, I left the bike in neutral and it flew off the rack as I went around a roundabout. It's great though, so much easier than a trailer and the tie down points are very good.
  5. put the track bike on the back of the ute!! would not gamble with anyting 'close' to the weight limits. Hate to see a bike bounce off the back of ute/car, tie the bugger down and be confident it isnt going anywhere if you hit a pothole etc..
  6. don't forget the legal 'down weight' that your tow bar package is rated to, many cars are only rated to 100kg so they aren't legal most times.
  7. Man, I would have loved to see the insurance claim on that one!