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QLD Has anyone successfully contested a parking fine in Brisbane?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by mendosi, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. I got a parking fine more than a month ago. I didn't even do the thing that I was fined for! Check this out, I got a fine for parking in a metred space without paying but I wasn't even in a metred space:

    So I took this photograph and sent in a dispute. That was more than five weeks ago! I called and they confirmed that they had received my dispute but hadn't decided yet.

    How long can it take to look at that photograph and decide that I wasn't parked in the metred space?
    In addition to this, I saw yesterday a parking inspector taking a photograph of a car that they were about to infringe, I'm wondering if they took a photo of my bike as well, which would clearly indicate that I hadn't moved it.

    So - anyone had a similar experience?
  2. You might get a fine for parking too close to a driveway though. these guys don't want to play fair
  3. It goes on where he sign is not where the line is ......apparently.

    Based on me getting a ticket for in no stopping whilse outside sign but inside line.
  4. I contested two parking fines, both of which I lost. Even though where I was parked was NOT marked on the roadway as a marked metered spot, there was a sign on a post further up which stated the street was metered. I thought since it was under a tree and the only place in the parking area which was not marked at all as a metered spot, it would be ok. The first ticket blew away in the wind and I had no idea I had been booked, so continued to park there, until I got the second ticket. I contested both considering I had no knowledge of the first ticket, but still I had to pay both, plus an extra amount for a late payment. I dont think you can win a parking fine in Brisbane, but good luck with it.
  5. Thanks for letting me know, what part of town was that?

    Edit: just answered my own question by finding the thread that you started on that topic. So that was in the Gabba and I'm hoping that the difference is that you were in the centre parking area and I was on the side of the road.
  6. Yes, I was parked in the centre of the road. I still think the final ruling was unfair. It took a couple of months for them to consider each dispute. Then they gave me an additional fee for late payment!!!! I hope you have better luck, being on the side of the road might go in your favour. Would be interested in reading the outcome. I was told by someone that the BCC want everybody to use public transport in the inner city and Gabba areas but for me that would add an extra hour each way to my commute.
  7. A couple of months! : (

    Maybe they hope that you will have forgotten about it by then.

    On another note, I was talking to the fellow in BCC who seems to be the designated inner-city motorcycle parking officer. He mentioned to me that the demand for motorcycle parking in the city has increased so much that they're actively looking for more places to designate as motorcycle parking.

    It seems that there are already a number of new locations in the pipeline. Anyway, obviously council does value the congestion-reducing benefits of motorcycles to some degree.

    He also sent me a list of guidelines for footpath motorcycle parking and invited me to let them know if I am aware of any locations that could be suitable to install footpath motorcycle parking. As it's not marked confidential, PM me if you want a copy.
  8. I wish they would. I have to go into see a Doc at Wickam Tce from time to time and can NEVER find a bike park up there youse other buggers must get there earlier !
  9. Finally got this in the mail today:

    "Dear Mendosi,

    Sorry, we were wrong.

    Sincerely, BCC"

    So it took three months(!) but a good outcome in the end.
  10. Nice to hear a good outcome for once.
  11. Very pleased to read that. Well done!