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Has anyone seen a sign like this?? Nirvana!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by browny, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. I was telling my mate about the Oxley run we did a couple of weeks ago and showed him my photo of a couple of our bikes parked in front of a
    'Next 45k twisties' sign... and then he showed me the one he went past on his way to the island.


    tou shae =P~ =P~ =P~ tou shae
  2. That's insane! *click, save*
  3. yep - between Bruthen and Omeo there's one for about 90+k's
  4. There's a sign at the Gloucester end of Thunderbolt's Way that says; "This is not Eastern Creek Raceway".
  5. GOLD!!! :rofl: :rofl:
  6. I'm sure that section was responsible for the engine I had to have rebuilt in my old GS500!!! Ok, I may have had something to do with it, but it wasn't easy keeping up with the sportsbikes!! :LOL:
  7. Oh that is so wicked!
    I so gotta go there! :grin:
  8. I'll take a piccy of that when i go down there in December :grin:
  9. Where is the pic taken??? got to see this road!
  10. But where is the Netrider Sticker?

  11. Next time in Mildura, I'm putting one of those signs up.
  12. I'm confused as they are actually on the sign in the OP. :)


    We rode the Bonang Hwy on the Monday before the GP.
  13. The good old Bonang Highway, without doubt one of the best most technical motorcycling roads around. Very few advisory speed signs, very few cars 9a few log trucks), heaps of wombats and close on motorcycling nirvana.

    There are a series of those type of signs as well, with 90, 60, 45 etc along the way.

    Haven't done the road for two years but man the loop from Delegate to Orbost (Bonang), on to Bruthen through Omeo and Hotham, then Tawonga gap is awesome. Shame the next piece between the end of Tawonga and the start of Murray River road is so boring really as when you add Murray River Road with the Alpine Way it is truly a sensational loop ride.

  14. No decent roads in Mildura, unless you call the Spiders web and Channel road decent roads ;)
  15. Not decent. Agreed. No line markings, many blind corners, only just wide enough for 2 cars, but not trucks. Always new gravel on a corner somewhere. But rarely policed. :)
  16. OOH! Anyone got a google maps link for that road? That's so going in my trip planner....
  17. I win. I got this from the Maximum Suzuki Forum.

  18. Awesome!! Where is that?? :twisted:
  19. I'd say from the pic its in the US.