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Has anyone ridden an RSV-4?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by rc36, Nov 26, 2009.

  1. Not that I'm in the position to buy one, but has anyone done anything more than get to sit on one?

    I had a try-out of the riding position on one on Friday at OP. It was on a paddock stand so I could sit on it in a "normal" riding position and I was pleasantly surprised. Unlike the MV F4 that I rode a few years ago, the RSV's ergos seemed quite good.

    Would love to read a "real world" test of one, though.

  2. I had sat on an RSV (When they were twins), and found I was pleasantly suppressed at how comfortable they felt.
    I think Aprilia has attained the basic view that a bike doesn’t have to feel like a torture device to be fast.
  3. There's a guy here in Wollongong who owns one and he was telling me that the designer of the bike is 6'1" and he designed the bike so that he could sit comfortably on it.
  4. Wow, I always read that because the bike is seemingly smaller than other liter bikes, its actually quite cramped for anyone starting from 6 feet.
  5. I'm sorry to hear that you were surpressed, Jason :LOL:.
  6. I've seen that bike parked out behind Trevor Jordan, the bike is STUNNING in person.
  7. Meh… clicked wrong entry in context menu when spell checking…
    Get over it. :p
  8. Apparently, his girlfriend bought it for him, or so a little bird told me. It's fitted with an Austin Racing piple too, that sounds unbelieveable.
  9. There's one in the shop up here. It looks tiny, the salesman wanted me to sit on it, but I resisted. My willpower and salary can't sustain that sort of temptation.
  10. I've ridden one through the bike store i work at and im 5'8 and the seat was pretty high, tip toes to walk the bike. Sounds freaking awesome especially with a akropovic can fitted obviously thats not exactly a road test but best i can do at the moment
  11. Pete you are a tease…
    Come on, give us some details…
    How does it handle?
    How does it sound?
    What is the engine response like?
    Does it give you wood?
    We want details Damn it!!!
  13. i went to the dealer and sat on the bike, its an agressive seating position, but being the size of a 250, ur not putting too much weight over your wrists.
    very comfortable.
    to put it in perspective- i sat on the aprilia rs125
    and it was ten fold mroe comfortable than that. no where near as much stretch/lean.