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Has anyone ridden a JAWA lately ?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by fred_kroft, May 14, 2006.

  1. I came across their website--


    I know JAWA by their awesome speedway 500's
    when I was a kid. I've always wanted to ride
    one of these. I was really surprised when I saw that
    they are still going (and have a web site)... I
    couldn't see their speedway model though.

  2. I have a 48 CZ in the shed at my parents place. waiting for my new house to be built so i can continue restoring it.
    Jawa and CZ were the same company for a while in the 40's 50's.
  3. There I was thinking this was a Star Wars reference.
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  5. Last Jawa I rode was pillion round the back yard in Adelaide on my Uncle Ron's, in about 1958. I remember it was like riding on a jackhammer :LOL:
  6. how can you ride one of these cute little scrap traders from Tatooine ? :grin:

  7. I remember Dad bringing one home brand spankers in '84 from the local Easter European dept store, paid in full on his Amer Express.
    2-stroke 350 twin, plate says 1984 but I don't think it's built much different to the 50's models! Kept it as a curiosity.
  8. Hi Dirk,

    Cheers thanks ;).

    These things run on methanol ;) See the 884 motor-- http://www.jawa.cz/products.php

    I remember somewhere that these things ran on some sort of alcohol.
  9. This;

    Finally I called an old acquaintance, Bill Cody of Cody Racing Products in Garden Grove CA. He is the USA distributor for JAWA speedway bikes. Castor based oil is used in the total loss oiling system of speedway motorcycles. Of the brands he sells he recommends Blendzall over all others because Blendzall is 90% castor; a much higher percentage than all others including "R". If you are in southern California call bill 714-638-5951 or search the net. There are many sellers of Blendzall listed. You want "Blendzall Green Label" #460; comes in quarts for about $6 or 7. Good luck, George Kay, Orange CA ....

    may not be accurate either, but I do remember when the speedway bikes came to Tralee Speedway in Canberra that the smell of Castrol R hung low in the still summer evenings.....
  10. That's takes me back to Hidden Valley in Darwin ;)