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Has anyone on Netrider appeared in a movie, TV show, commercial

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by goz, May 30, 2012.

  1. As the title says

    Have u been in a movie, TV show, Commercial, News and so on

    I know 1 fella here has been on a game show and failed on a motorcycle question lol

    I'm supplying Hummers for the new Housos movie coming out in November and my mates appearing in it, on set all day tomorrow

    Good to see what other people have been on

  2. Was on a Commercial for a charity. Not saying which one, but I had to do TV and a news paper photo shoot.
  3. cmon, spit it out :)
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    I was on surprise chef about 10 yes ago when I worked at an aquarium.

    The celebrity "chef" stood outside smoking the whole time while the actual chef cooked everything. We got filmed being "surprised" 7 times from different angles. The food was rsl quality. It was a chicken parmy and profiteroles.

    Some people get a new backyard, thousands of dollars etc. I get an average meal.

  5. I was an extra in 2 Movies, 2 episodes of a TV show dramaand a TV Mini Series. I was also interviewed on 2 news shows and a motorcycle show shown in the UK.

    Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome
    High Tide

    This week has 7 Days
    Vietnam Mini Series
    Willing & Able
    Good Morning Australia
    2 Wheels Down Under
  6. lol classic

    good to hear behind the camera stories also
  7. Is this a follow on from the "Are you Hot Thread"? :)

    Quarter Wit was on the ABC quiz show that I can't remember the name of... & now that I've dobbed him in, I was on a episode of Scope, a kids Science show on Channel 10.

    Edit: Einstein Factor!
  8. ..... hmm, you freely admit that.......:-s
  9. 30+ years of film and TV: feature films, ads (including TAC, and yes, they cheated 20 years ago too), TV News, V8 series for years (incl. Bathurst), GP Sailing (developed dual camera shoots), hero double, etc etc.

    It's just another job ;)
  10. There's a dude on here that posted about his appearing on RockWiz, [MENTION=15581]doonx[/MENTION]
  11. I wanted to get into mad max 4

    but this film industry is full of people I don't particularly like

    I called the casting agent etc etc and they never bothered to respond
  12. I was filmed for the news CT scanning some mummified birds and human bits for the QLD Museums mummy exhibit they're running.
  13. I'll be on 2 episodes of Rockwiz next season, if I'm not edited out.
    The company I work for provides all the audio gear, we cram a serious PA into Espy and when they're taping we wrangle all the radio mics and coach the panel members on good mic technique so you can hear them.
    For the show I sit in on top of an amp rack in a tiny corner on the right hand side and jump out do do the change-overs in and out of the guest musical performances.
    I haven't done a lot of TV, but I've done 10 years of rock and roll, and these are some of the nicest people I've come across. I filled in for someone else on the shows I did, and Julia and Brian had already found out my name and introduced themselves while I was still setting up, super cool.

  14. About 10 years ago me, my wife and the kids were on an ABC news segment for the Federal Budget - the "how it impacts a typical family" thing. We know a guy who works for them, which is why we were asked. They filmed us in the morning doing family stuff like getting ready for work/school and came back that night to film us watching the Budget. They brought along an accountant to do the sums as they applied to us and asked our view on the key changes.

    Over the next couple of years, they used bits of the wife and kids as "file footage" to go with other news stories.
  15. does Crimestoppers count?
  16. oath but share the story :)
  17. I hope there good hummers, but then again is there any such thing as a bad one 8-[
  18. My wife was on Materchef this year. Does that count?!
  19. Ah. you beat me to it.

  20. As a contestent? lucky bugger can I come round for dinner?