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Has anyone never had an off?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by boz, Jul 22, 2005.

  1. Often on this board and others when new riders ask advice etc. a stereotypical response is "it is not a matter if you will stack it, but when".

    This has piqued my curiousity - has any long term rider never crashed (even at low speed)? For example - is there a rider or 20+ years who has been fortunate enough to never go butimen surfing on their derrier?

    (I had a low speed/no injury/minor scrapes to bike off after 3 years, so I have no claim to fame here...)
  2. I'm sure they are out there - but most riders will have had a few solo moments that have brought them back to earth. In cars, we learn from our mistakes by slamming on the brakes, tyres screeching, parents yelling at us etc. On the bike, a lot of the time you learn by ending up on your rear end, sometimes their are no cheap reminders.
  3. Not me, but met a bloke in 35 years of riding never had an off. And after going for a bit of a ride with him, he wasn't no slouch either.
  4. <tumbleweed rolls across screen>

    We could be in for a looong wait .. wait .. wait...
  5. If you don't count all the offs at work delivering mail... I have not had an off since '99 and that technicaly was not an off as I lended on my feet and was able to run after the bike and cach it just as it hit a power pole... so I never fell on by but and the bike never fell over eather...
  6. Maybe we should instead be asking what the longest time somebody has gone without an off :LOL:
  7. In my 20 years of riding, I have only had 1 minor accident..........

    .....................all the rest have been serious :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  8. Been riding since 1998 only had 1 off on the black spur 5 years ago, apart from having to dig out the little honda and a grazed knee no other damage (we did find a potato though)
    Haven't even had a close call since then.

    *touches wood*

    Dropping the bike doing a u turn doesn't count.
  9. i dont think there is a netrider around that either hasnt "throw it down the road"
    or "layed it down " stationary or moving , fallen over or off .
    if there was there would be nothing to talk about on here :LOL:

    oh by the way if you havent

    my thoughts and wish's :wink: :LOL: :LOL:
  10. Autumn leaves here.

    Work that out.
  11. I've dropped a bike 3 times from a stand still, but in 13 years of riding I've never thrown it down the road.

    But then again I didn't ride much during the late 90's, so maybe that equates to about 8 years of more serious riding

    Stacked heaps of trailies in the scrub, when I was a teenager, but that was half the point!
  12. Coming off off-road doesn't count :)

    Damn, if I included that count, I'd be well into the double figures.
  13. I see we are getting selective.

    In this case, I wish to exclude T-boning minis, as they are small cars & not really worth a mention.
    Also, all accidents before the age of 21 should be excluded because this is precise moment where maturity really begins.
  14. Do car parks count?

    ... and what about being squashed by a bike just falling over?

    Can we exclude these, too?
  15. I've never crashed a motorcycle : )

    I've never really ridden either : (
  16. You've dropped it that many times? Have come off 4 times in 9 years 3 of which were car related 1 road related 50/50 at fault (discovered I was night blind) Though I met a guy in his 80's that still rides to this day and has never come off. Also I believe my Grandfather has never come off, he still rides to this day and he is late 70's I believe.
  17. Two of my friends have never had an off.

    One of them doesnt mind throwing himself into the riding but doesnt really do that many km's. The other does a lot of km's but really hangs back on the corners so whenever we hit the twisties I have to stop and wait a few times for him to catch up. Both are on full licence.

    Myself, I have had 3 offs. Well, not really offs per se, each time the bike ended up on top of me.
  18. Not bad for an 87 year old :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  19. I have had 5 minors in 31 years of riding. None ocassioned serious injury (just scratches, etc)
  20. 17-21, countless.
    21-33, nothing.
    34, one minor drop (not an off, just a drop - the scuffs to the RH engine cover are testament to that).