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Has anyone here attended a European round of the MotoGP?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by DVC, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. Hi folks,

    I've got an ambition of seeing a few MotoGP races in Europe this year and while my lofty travel fantasies tend to dissipate as quickly as they come to me in the cold, hard light of financial and work commitments I thought I'd still ask for some advice anyway.

    I've done some preliminary checking online and it seems the ripe time to go would be during June/July when there's about seven consecutive races that take place in Europe, although at best I could probably only hope to see three or four. Plus the World Cup will be happening at the same time, and after South Africa, Europe would have to be the place to be!

    The races I've got to choose from are rounds 3. Jerez, 4. Le Mans, 5. Mugello, 6. Silvertone, 7. Assen, 8. Catalunya and 9. Sachsenring.

    I'm leaning towards 5, 6, 7 & 8 because then there'd be a round in both Italy and Spain and the fans there certainly look like they know how to have a good time based on what I've seen on TV. Although 6, 7, 8 & 9 gives me an extra 2 weeks before I'd have to set off which means another pay in the bank before I go, which would be handy.

    I went looking for tickets and I've been bewildered by the number of choices. In addition to being able to buy tickets to selected races from the www.motogp.com site, there's also stacks of resellers who either offer tickets to just one race or several races, and they're all in different countries so I'm a bit lost.

    There's also the matter of the best seating for European races. I've been to the GP at PI a couple of times, and I've just been content moseying around the paddock, but I've heard over there they get such big crowds that the best spots for GA are usually taken pretty early, so I'm considering grandstand tickets, too.

    I've never sat in a grandstand at a bike race and I'm a bit worried that just seeing them blast by on the straight every minute and forty seconds isn't going to be as exciting as being near some corners, and I'm also wondering if by not mingling with the greater mass of people I'll be missing out on what must be a fundamental pleasure of attending a European race: the atmosphere.

    So in short, my questions to anyone who has attended a European MotoGP race are:

    1. Is there an especially "smart" way to get tickets? Should I go through the official site or a reseller or are they just all sharks?

    2. Is it hard to get a good spot in the paddock? Is grand stand seating at all preferable to mixing it up in the crowd on the corners?

    3. Are any of the rounds I mentioned above particularly known for just being heads-and-shoulders above the others for fun and antics on the day? I mean it always seems to rain in either Le Mans or Assen, which is a bummer, but on the other hand I'm sure I wouldn't want to miss being around insane Rossi fans going mental and setting off fireworks on the track at Mugello before the last riders have even pitted. :)

    4. Does anyone know of any organisations for Aussie MotoGP fans similar to the Fanatics or the Green & Gold Army who help organise MotoGP tours for Aussies overseas? Obviously there's not nearly as many Aussie MotoGP fans as there are cricket or soccer fans, but I thought maybe there would be enough ex-pats over there that someone had started something small scale for Aussies who love bikes and want to tour Europe together.

    Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this and if there are any other suggestions you'd care to make that I haven't thought of here would be great, too!

  2. I'm leaning towards 5, 6, 7 & 8 because then there'd be a round in both Italy and Spain and the fans there certainly look like they know how to have a good time

    too long, didn't read......

    dunno the best way to buy tickets...but your selection of 5, 6, 7, 8 is for sure the best ones.....mugello is a huge party, and lovely location:beer:
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    I did Valencia in 2008. It was the most amazing race I've ever been to. You HAVE to go to one of the Italian or Spanish rounds.

    I can't remember the ticket agency I used, but they were legit and did everything I needed. If you are concerned, go through official channels. From memory, the tickets were not expensive.

    As for the best seating, a race is a race. You are travelling for the atmosphere and you can be any location on the circuit for that. They're all mad!

  4. My housemate did Brno last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. She organised her trip through Pole Position Travel. Package included all her tickets, accommodation and transfers to the track. We're actually using them this year for Sepang
  5. Did Saschenring last year in the middle of our Europe tour, shortly followed by Brno the next week.

    The MotoGP was insane, soooooo many more people than we get to the Island (duh) and all mad keen. We got a grandstand, and glad we did because GA was packed - couple mates with us were GA and couldn't see much. We had seats second row from the back on Turn 1, which turned out to be awesome cos we could see T1, plus a few other parts of the circuit over the back of the grandstand.

    Highlights - crowd chants of "Es gibt nur einen Valentino!" (there's only one Valentino), and a bloke with a megaphone providing crowd control for his mate behind, whohad a McGyver-style beer carrier that held 22 pints! Oh yeah, and there was an awesome race on! :D

    Good times....
  6. That's awesome, guys. Thanks for the feedback (and positive reinforcement!)
  7. If you've got some money to throw around, have you thought of doing a track day at some of these famous tracks instead or as well as spectating.
  8. Great idea, but I wouldn't be able to afford it. :)
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  10. Well I ended up booking my flights today! I'll be going to rounds 6, 7, 8 & 9 (Silverstone, Assen, Catalunya and Sachsenring).

    Thanks loner and cejay for your suggestions for ticketing agents. I've had a look at them and decided to go with Pole Position Travel which loner mentioned since they seem to have a lot of cool parties and other events they can sort you out with as well. I'm just waiting for their London office to open so I can give them a call since their Aussie number seems to be disconnected.

    Now I just have to plan how I'll pull off 5 weeks in Europe with a modest backpack and without paying for accommodation. ;)
  11. Fantastic! I've also heard lots of good things about PP Travel. Have a couple of drinks for us!
  12. Ok and now I've booked my tickets to the four races I want to go to. Last thing on my "big buy" list is the the month-long eurail pass for getting around.

    After watching the WSBK at Assen just now I'm super pumped for the GP there, and the others of course. I just hope that the GP racing is as great as the WSBK was this round. 40+ starters in the Moto2 category in Dubai sure has got my blood pumping!
  13. Hey guys, just thought I'd report in.

    The answer to the question in the title of this thread is now "Yes - me!"

    I've just today been to the MotoGP at Assen and last weekend I was in Silverstone. All I can say is wow! What a blast it has been! The racing has been fantastic and the countries I've been through have also been awesome. I'm very sad to be leaving the Netherlands in a couple of days but if I don't I won't be in Catalunya in time for the next race! After that it's on to Sachsenring (maybe with a stopover in Brno for the SBK).

    I just wanted to say an extra thanks to loner for recommending Pole Position Travel. Although I'm not touring with them (I'm organising my own accommodation) I bought my tickets through them and bought into some of their side-attractions while I was at it. I just spent the evening touring Groningen in the Netherlands in a pedal-powered 10-seater mobile bar drinking beer and having a great time with other PPT customers and their staff. I can highly recommend them!
  14. Glad to hear of your good experience. You picked 2 excellent races too, especially a first at Silverstone.

    My wife and I travelled the UK and Europe in 2007 on our ST1300 and booked Donington GP tickets via the official site (no problems there). We arranged our own accommodation about 8 km away and that was great too. Unfortunately the UK experienced its wettest summer in 100 years that year :(

    Saturday practice was good - warm (almost hot), sunny and we walked the entire track surround, but to find the vantage points were limited (opposite to Phillip Island). However on the Sunday morning we awoke to cold, rain and arrived at the track to mud, lots of umbrellas and raincoats. We tried to find a spot, but the wall of taller spectators and umbrellas meant extremely limited viewing. The ground was a sludge, so we couldn't sit down (pointless really).


    One of the few shots I got of the earlier race:

    So we got on the bike and tried to get back to the motel before the main race started. Unfortunately all the roads into the track were closed to traffic headed anywhere but in. We asked a nice police rider if he could help us. Fortunately he did, escorting us away from the track through various side tracks.


    When we got back to the motel, they served us a lovely big hot coffee each and placed us in front of a big screen TV, tuned to the main race. We sat down minutes prior to the start, and enjoyed excellent coverage. Loved the race, and we were warm!

    The lesson in this: If any, choose a European GP event that has a reasonable chance of reasonably fine weather. It's the pits (pun intended ;)) if its raining, a bit like camping in the rain.
    Glad you had 2 great ones.
  15. Well I've been lucky so far - nothing but clear sunny skies.