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has anyone got or rode a yamaha ttr-230a

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by rissile86, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. I'm trying to find opinions on the yamaha ttr-230a (road legal ttr-230), there is nothing at all on the net about them, anyone got any thoughts on this bike? It's priced at $6000 ride away at my local dealer.

  2. My mate has 2 of the trail bike versions, Bit hard to start after 4 or 5 sessions up the bush, bit guttless, bit uncomfortable and very small.

    Is there anything more specific you want to know cuz i can ask them, i've only been on them once (all day trail riding).
  3. thanks for the info, i would like to know how fuel economy is and what the max speed would be, as occasionly i will need to go on roads with 100 km/h speed limits. Reliability is another concern for me, as it's a toss up between the honda which is proven reliable.
  4. Is the road legal one Air cooled still? why do you want one?

    Just from the day i had on them i couldn't imagine why id want one for road use, but im keen on road/race bikes so anything motard is way down my list.
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  6. banditR1 had one. she could give that thing a fair flogging. not an ideal road bike from the impression i got lol but seemed to be a bit of fun
  7. why the 230, the 250 model will be a better bike and the price difference would be minimal i expect for a much more complete bike.

    the ttr230 is closer to a farm bike, the ttr250 has different engine, chassis and suspension, a genuine dual sport plenty capable on the trail and acceptable on the road. all of the japanese 250's (xr250, ttr250, drz30) are very similar and are all more suitable to hitting the road.

    i had an xr250, fuel economy is not a concern on a 250, they just dont use any. they will all just go to 100, maybe a little over, but they are screaming at that point, not a comfortable place to be for extended periods, and the 230 definately will not do it. the 230 would be a little smaller if thats a concern, as the seat height on dirt bike is usually pretty high.

    all the bikes in this segment have been around a while, and only receive minor upgrades from year to year, so will all be mostly bulletproof. i would seriously suggest a 1 or 2 year old 250 for the same price as the new 230, you'll will be much happier.
  8. I've got a 2007 TTR250. Mostly used on-road and okay for that. Will do >100 with me (100kg) on the back but it does take a while to get there. Off road is okay but I've done very little of that. Very light so I guess it should be fine further off road.

    The only thng it needs is a bigger tank (150km to reserve) but I certainly wouldn't want less power. As said above, a used 250 is a better buy than a new 230