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Has anyone got a good treatment for a cold ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by doonx, Jul 19, 2005.

  1. I started sneezing this morning - that's always a bad sign.

    Now, I am absolutely parched, I have a dull headache and a mildly sore throat, but it's getting worse.

    i realise that it's too late to ward it off, so what treatments do any of you use that you have found effectively nips a cold in the bud ?

    Iam supposed to be skiing again this weekend, it is my destiny, I MUST SKI THIS WEEKEND !!!!

  2. heeeeeeeeerrreeewego...

    Open uup grampa's dodgy medicine cabinet... :LOL:

    My mum always forced a tablespoon of honey down my throat, or a raw clove of garlic (popular with the ladieeees)
  3. Oranges, and lots of 'em. (Not bottled orange juice).
  4. Drugs, healthy food, lots of liquids (non alcoholic variety), rest. Face it, you're farked. ;)
  5. if half a bottle of rum doesn't cure you, at least you wont care anymore :wink:
  6. the compassion in here is tangible ..........
  7. Plenty of bed rest, stay warm, lotsa chicken soup.

    (That will be $47.00, please. No, sorry, I don't bulk bill)
  8. i love you rc ........
  9. oh oh, now he's halucinating! LOL!
  10. Fresh lemon squeezed into hot water, tsp honey & rest. Also take as much Vit C as you can handle (you can't OD on the stuff as its water soluble). Eating a really HOT chilli meal is good too.
    Other than that - no sympathy 'cos I can't ski!!
  11. And on that subject have you ever noticed that, when you're sick and you go to the doctors, he sits you down and the first thing he says to you is, "Right, now, what's wrong with you?"

    Isn't it HIS job to TELL you what's wrong with you?????
  12. If it were me, id drink lotsa fruit juice, eat lotsa chili concarne, and dont take any medicine at all, it doesnt do much if anything at all except make the bugs more resistant for next time.
    Vitamin C has also been scientifically proven to be a load of codswhallop when it comes to curing colds, and very excessive amounts is infact quite bad for you.
  13. I liked Daijiro Kato's favourite approach and pastime: sleep. :D
  14. Can't agree with you there. Have used Vit C from spider bites to the sniffles - and has come up trumps at all times. Of course there's different types (Ester C, Calclium & Sodium Ascorbic, etc) I haven't succumed to any form of cold for the past 10+ years - and in my research haven't read any bad comments apart from a bit of a runny tummy once you get to tolerance level.
  15. [Grandpa Simpson] "Balsam specific!!!" [/Grandpa Simpson]

    Actually, the only known cure for the common cold is to drag your sorry carcass to a Vietnamese restaurant. Order a large bowl of chicken pho. Squeeze lemon juice into it, add 2 or 3 chillies and assorted greenery.

    Eat and drink. Blow your nose and wipe your eyes.

    Marvel, and go about your business.
  16. awwwhhhh
    you missed the best bit

    your choice of ALCOHOL....yep add Bourbon Whiskey vodka brandy or rum to that, a double dose even....2 tots!
    and I AM serious :p

    the resultant mixture is called a......hot toddy
    or for those who like gaelic.... a negus (no, NOT George )

    drink one of these at bedtime and you will be fine the next morning
    I guarantee it :wink:
  17. There was a treatment that Mum use to gives us when we were kids but im not sure what she put in it (an OFARC might be able to help here) . You stuck your head over a bowl of steaming water , with whatever she had in it , then a towel over everything so nothing escaped . Did it work ? I doubt it , but im sure my parents were laughing at us . :roll: :roll:
  18. According to Crocodile Dundee you put some boiling water in a bowl, tip in a few hundred worth of cocaine, then put towl over head and breathe.