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Has anyone given you bad advice?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Senator17, Apr 29, 2016.

  1. I can't remember who gave me this advice. When I was last looking for tyres for my Kawasaki Z1000, someone suggested I try a higher aspect ratio rear tyre (i.e. 190/55/17 as opposed to an original 190/50/17). The advice I was given said it would make the bike turn in more easily and sharper. Well after 2,000 ks on a tyre that size I regret the purchase. I've learned that the bike feels vague, not sharper, does not turn in any easier or quicker and in fact feels heavier. Also I have managed to get understeer on a few occasions which is off putting and shakes my confidence. I will be changing back to the original size very soon. .

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  2. Yeah, get married they all said, it's great they all said, someone to look after your every wont and need :sour::sour:
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  3. I did the same thing as you but for my blade and got a 190/55 instead of the 190/50 and I love it. I found it tips into corners much better and offers me more grip when it's leant over.

    Did you get the same brand tyre as you originally had on the Zed or a different brand, this can have an effect on how the bike handles too?

    I would have thought though that you would have suffered more from some over-steer seeing as the bigger rear tyre raises the rear geo of the bike. All this can be fixed by playing around with the suspension a bit to balance the bike out. If it is understeer you could try removing a little the preload on the front, or raising the forks a little through the triple clamp and see how it feels then.
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  4. Someone told me to join netrider............

    Very interesting regarding the tyres, Ive had the opposite experience on the exact same bike. Maybe it was me that told you to put a 55 on!!
    Last 2 sets have been front 120/70 and rear 190/55, one set of Pilot Power 3 and currently Dunlop Q3. I found both made a reasonable improvement on turn in, making the bike feel nimble - complete opposite to your experience. The Q3s are by far the best tyres Ive had on the Zed, nice and sticky, neutral handling very confidence inspiring.
    What tyres are you running ATM? If your gonna change them I might be keen on buying them from you if they're fairly new.
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  5. At taller rear tyre effectively steepens the head angle which should give the sharper steering desired.
    So many confounding factors though; carcass design and materials, tread rubber compound, tyre profile/shape, and so on.
    Was the replacement otherwise identical to what you took off?
  6. Go ahead What's the worst that can happen.

    Don't worry, nobody will know
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  7. I must admit, previuos tyres were Pirelli Diablo Rosso 2, and the different sized tyre is a Michelin PR4. I have never really liked Michelins, I've never had a good experience with them whenever I've tried them. I'll be going back to Pirelli's
  8. Yeh I'm with the rest Senator17Senator17 it should have sped up your steering. Even though it physically says the size all sizes are not created equal.
    So unless it was like for like I'd say it's the tyre not the profile.

    Also did you swap the front at the same time?
  9. No didn't swap the front as well, probably should have though.
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  10. I think we've found the problem!
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  11. Also, depends on how the suspension is set up , riders weight etc.
  12. 'Just put it on credit'
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  13. Yes AdamAAdamA said the other day any questions to help at the track let him know and he'll help.

    "Apparently " that didn't include getting me to a 39 on a 600!

    Disappointed in his advice. it's only 3 seconds he needs to find me too..........
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    I'm still just as gullable, got tricked the same way into marriage ;)

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  15. the plot thickens......
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  16. Like the lack of making you a coffee.....?
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  17. Still waiting for my double decaf skimmed flat white with almond milk.....
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  18. It's all a plot jonnymacjonnymac ;)
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  19. Boo F**ckin hoo (^^^) make me a coffee biatch
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