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Has anyone fitted this to their ride?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by chilliman64, Jun 28, 2016.

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    hi all,

    thought we might have a thread for NRs thinking or curious about fitting something and we could start a rambling discussion about accessories, pros and cons, ease of fitment etc

    this topic is not intended to be just about horns but that's what I'm starting off with.

    -o0o- -o0o- -o0o-​

    has anyone fitted air or loud horns to their m/cycle? I had some airhorns fitted to my 400 suzuki years ago and they were loud. so loud you could hear cagers gasp in fright as they copped a blast thinking they might be merging into a truck - lol. they saved me plenty of times until I worked out what defensive riding was and learned not to trust other road users.

    I've found these
    R&G Denali Soundbomb split Horn DENTTSB1000B

    and these
    Stebel Nautilus Compact Motor Bike Air Horn Black 139dB 12 volt Motorcycle Loud

    I was thinking about a chrome Stebel for the fatboy
  2. good thread. cant wait till we have many pages
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  3. I find if you nod to cagers they dont mind when you horn them.
  4. Quite a few VStrom owners have installed Stebels...

    That image you linked though looks like part of a coffee machine, ready for an MV or Ape ;)
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  5. I heard an air horn on a softail at Trivetts when I bought the fattie, the salesman had to wheel it outside before he let rip, I stood about 5 or 6 metres directly in front and it was LOUD. not sure if what brand it was but I knew then it would probably make it onto my shopping list.

    are you referring to the Denali? yes it does look very much like an espresso machine attachment. :cool:
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    fitted twin normal (but decent) car horns
    not outrageously loud (louder than most cars) but much louder than the standard meep meep
    also nowhere near as big as the stebel etc and much cheaper

    whaddayaknow, they are Stebels they were something like $25-30 the pair (HF80, smallr diameter than car versions)

    \/\/ didn't fit relay as the current draw is much smaller than the fancy superloud horns (but more than stock)
    figure I won't be leaning on horn for long periods of time, so see how the switch goes first :p
    big horns
    the pair still draw up to 9 amps http://www.stebel.it/public/stebel.pdf
    next size up (scroll types) 11-12amps

    Nautilus is around 18amps!
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  7. The very first mod I ever did was fit dual fram horns to my brand new 1975 RD 250 Yamaha, I had no idea what a relay was. Maybe they were not even around back then. The horns worked great till the current made the horn button spring get hot and fail. Its been down hill since then. I mod everything and still haven't learned a thing, that I should stop.
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    single is only 6 amps.
    also consider the extra noticeability of having dual tones compared to single loud tone..

    fwiw, I got mine through this site.. postage was $4.. (which I just realised was the same bunch you linked on Ebay :p )

    be wary of dB claims... different distance, different angles etc.. hard to actually compare.
    mine are 136dB.. at 10cm... 109 at 2m

    the magnums are 136dB at 10cm and 115dB at 2m... not sure why there is difference at 2m.. sound is sound...

    either will be loud, but the magnums are more directional than the round ones, but depends how you mount them too
  11. I ride around with a horn. Does that count?
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  12. hopefully not two of them :eek:
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  13. Maybe this....
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  14. WebBikeWorld did a comparison awhile ago, interesting read, especially the claimed verses measured ratings of the tested horns: Motorcycle Horn Comparison Review - webBikeWorld


    For me, I have the luxury of heaps of space so have a quad air horn setup linked to a 6lt tank and 150 PSI/160 LPM compressor that draws 45amps (from my second battery), luckily it only takes a couple of minutes to fill the tank, and I usually only need one fill per trip. I also have a pair of Hella Supertones linked to a Screaming Banshee that I fitted prior to going berserk with the pneumatics.
    img_7814. img_7817.
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  15. those numbers don't make sense?... gets louder when further away? some of those numbers are all over the shop, even if they are real world measurements :)
  16. I had a nautilus once; they're totally worth the arseing about with relays. Not only the immense volume; airhorns sound better
  17. WebBikeWorld noted this discrepancy in their testing as well:

    "There are some curiosities, as you will notice. For example, it's interesting to note that the Stebel Magnum horns were louder at 10 feet than at 2 feet, and the Fiamm Freeway Blasters were louder at 20 feet than 10 feet. We re-tested these and found the same results.

    The Extech sound meter has a ±2dB, which may account for part of this disparity. Or, the paradox may be due to the very slight breeze we experienced during the trails. Or perhaps it had something to do with the combination of horn tones; a strange quirk of sound pressure recording or -- who knows -- a quantum aberration in the space-time continuum. Maybe."

    Sound measurement in open spaces appears not to be an exact science - wonder if anyone has informed the EPA when they perform exhaust sound tests ?
  18. You just need the ones that play "La Cucaracha" ;)
  19. Yeah, well ... that's because the standard horn on a Strom is like "excuse me, Sir? May I please have your attention if it's not too much of a bother?"

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  20. haha agree 100%! Though mine on the newer 1000 seems not too bad so i haven't bothered.

    I gotta get me some of those one you have on the RT :)
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