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Has anyone ever traded a sports bike for a trail bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by lextsy, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    I have owned by cbr250rr for 2 months and have suddenly become completely obcessed with owning a trail bike.

    I have never ridden offroad but really want to sell or trade my cbr250 for a trail bike.

    I figure ill be 90% on road and 10 % offroad.

    I could afford not to sell my bike i have now if i can find one for 1500 or so already registered however the more i look the more i read get a drz400s or ttr250 which are both up to 4k for a cheap one.

    I can only afford that much if i sell my current bike.

    Can anyone advise me of a good dual purpose bike mainly for road riding and weekend trail riding which is reliable and as quik as the cbr250rr and has anyone ever gone from a sports bike to a dual purpose bike and been happy?
  2. Also one other question i have is why do i see alot of trail bikes being rebuilt after 10000kms. Is this normal?
  3. there is generally only one cylinder doing all the work. in multiple cylinder motors, a lazy cylinder can be carried by another to an extent. lose some compression, or burn a valve in a single and you wont be pumping many ponies out.
  4. so can you buy more than 1 cylinder dual purpose bikes. What is the expected lifetime of an engine being ridden normally and serviced well.

    I have searched forums wide and far but still lack the information i require so i thought id ask you guys here for help
  5. :rofl:
  6. They're the revvier, lighter, carry-less-oil, make more hp, sort of bikes.

    Singles like the DR650, DRZ400, TTR250/600, KLX, KLR etc will do 50,000km's if looked after properly.

    Is your 90% road commuting or twisties?
  7. yes you can, not many around though.
    expected lifetime of a normally ridden and well serviced engine is about, yay long.
    honestly, if the lifespan of the engine is your major concern, you are worried about the wrong stuff. they may need more regular rebuilds, but the rebuild are cheap as chips. a rebuild on a more complex machine will be a little more catastrophic for your wallet, and at the end of the day, when talking about the secondhand market, anyone is only guesing when they tell you how many k's you'll get out of a motor.
  8. My daily ride is weaving through traffic all the way to north sydney. My small cbr250rr does it well i guess id want something thin to pass cars at lights etc
  9. you need a turbo hayabusa.
  10. whats with the comic relief lol
  11. I don't know but when I saw Joel's comment I burst out laughing :grin:
  12. lol I spose the comedy festival is coming up maybe hes in training
  13. There's a lot of people around who've gone to a KLR650, F650GS etc. They are probably the best all round bikes you can get - reliable, cheap to run and brilliant commuter bikes.

    Having sat behind a KLR650 for 22 1/2 hours and 1620 kilometres I can vouch for the fact that they go and handle well. A good adventure tourer like the F650 will last a lot longer then 10,000 k, Unless you mean a real trail bike - in which case you won't enjoy touring on it...
  14. I have a 1992 Suzuki DR650R , the old girl (shelly) has 92,000km on her and still going strong! For the past 10 months she has been used as a courier bike and has clocked up 42000 in that time, 3 sets of tyres...Bridgstone battlax BT45's and she's awesome!! :p I love my little single engine and it is so damn easy to work on and maintain. Her name is Shelly because she only like shell products absolutley hates BP fuel, because she is old i am now running hotter plugs, only by 1 point though. she runs shell adavanced ultimate 4T oil and loves the stuff, about a 1/2 lt every 4000km. I could not think of another bike that has given me so much fun for so little money.

    Stay upright Folks!
  15. As far as I know, no one and I do mean no one, has ever traded a sports bike for a trail bike. It never happens, never ever ever. Not even once. Nada, nicts, nope.
  16. Expand your circle of friends.

    I did it.

    But you don't need to get to know me...


    Trevor G

    PS I am on road bikes at the mo, but will go off-road again shortly, I expect.
  17. So what's your budget?

    Guessing you're still on LAMS.

    DRZ400, the "e" model has a touch more power.

    Also the DR and KLR 650's mentioned above a bit better on road.

    If not on LAMS, then I'd go for a 650 Strom - but a bit wider for splitting.
  18. It's a good idea these days with police enforcement and speed cameras to own a bike that can go for a good fast ride along a dirt road out in the back blocks... well it's a good way not to get booked on the black spur anyway :LOL:
  19. On ya Trev, it just struck me as a 'which glove first' question. Of course people have sold one type of bike for another. FFS, motorcycling is not like changing religions. You don't need to get a circumcism and a neato hat to change teams.