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Has anyone ever seen or ridden a VFR1200FD?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by CrazyCam, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. Hi folks.

    A few years ago now, Honda announced, with much fanfare, their VFR1200F, a sort of BMW look alike, big sports(-ish) tourer.

    It arrived in Ozzie showrooms, with a vague promise of the VFR1200FD model coming in a few months.

    The FD was the one with the dual clutch gearbox, 6 speed, with choice of automatic or push button (maybe touch paddle) electronic controlled gear changing.

    The "standard" F model was, to my eyes, quite a nice bike, and, according to reports went hard, rode smooth and did all the right things for that class of bike, except possibly using a bit too much fuel, but it was rather expensive at the time.

    Anyhow, for whatever reason, it didn't seem to sell well, and, presumably because of that lack of interest and sales, the FD model doesn't seem to have been imported in any numbers.

    I certainly had expressed interest to various Honda dealers to get back to me when that model was available, and I never heard back.

    I am curious to learn if any of the NR assembled multitudes have ever seen or ridden that particular model, and, if so, what they thought of it.
  2. I've seen them for sale secondhand or ex-demo, on bikesales.

    I'm not surprised that the VFR1200 hasn't sold well. Until recently the price for even a new one minus the dual clutch tech was something over $20,000, plus luggage costs, which doesn't really make sense against the cheaper Triumph Sprint GT, or the electronic suspension and adjustable windshields and cruise control of the sports-touring bikes in that price range.

    Looking at Bikesales it seems like they've come down in price though.

    I've only ever seen reviews of the F model with the conventional transmission. e.g.
    http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/115/6557/Motorcycle-Article/2010-Honda-VFR1200F-Comparison.aspx (3 page comparison between the touring-biased 1400GTR from Kawasaki and the Hayabusa)
  3. I completely agree. - The VFR1200F has the most powerful, technologically advanced engine it its class...but then Honda didn't bother with ESA/electric shields/cruise control/TPM, etc. Honestly, they set out to build a bike that would take market share from BMW but didn't include the things that BMW-buyers want! Honda can be maddeningly obtuse at times.
    On top of that, the cretins at Honda Australia put the most unbelievably ridiculous price on the OEM luggage. IIRC, they were asking about $3000 for a set of panniers! I actually witnessed sales staff at a large Sydney stealership trying to coax people into paying $25,000 for a bike with the promise of "$3000 worth of luggage at no extra cost!". o_O

    OP: there are quite a few reviews around, in which the DA model is unanimously praised. If I was buying a VFR1200 (I've ridden the F model and it was fantastic) I would definitely buy the DA version.
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  4. Maddening is right. I was contemplating a VFR1200F or FDA as a potential upgrade a year or so ago until I saw the price.
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  5. I just saw a couple of brand new 2012 models for sale a few days ago at the local dealer here in Canberra. A white and silver (an auto and standard, but can't remember now which one was which! the white looked fantastic though), and both were listed for around $19k (the auto was a bit more). I didn't pay much attention but I guess they came with panniers!