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Has anyone ever overtaken you at a red light

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by MissionMan, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. Had some douche in a grey volvo today that overtook me when I was in the right lane at a red traffic light and went through the red about 3 seconds after it went red. He was so late going through he had to stop on the other side because the pedestrians were already crossing.

    Saw the light going orange, knew I was too late to get through it so slowed down to a halt, stopping after it went red. About 2-3 seconds after stopping, I suddenly feel this rush of wind as some douche bag skims me while he overtakes me to go through the red. It was probably one of a handful of times where I didn't watch my mirror but I couldn't believe someone would intentionally overtake a vehicle in front to go through a late red.

    It would be easy to think he didn't see the red, but he wouldn't have gone around me if that was the case and he wouldn't have driven up a right turning lane before turning across 2 lanes of traffic to turn left after the light went green, unless he figured I would chase him down and give him the beating he deserved after what he did.

    It was one of these days I wish I had a go pro and probably a good reason to get one.
  2. It's happened to me sufficiently frequently that it no longer surprises me.
  3. Yeah, it seems all too common. I think most of them are distracted one way or the other, and just don't see the red until it's too late to stop. I had one recently, where the car changed lanes at the last second (trying to avoid me) and went straight through the red. I was turning left at the lights, but decided to go after the car, which was stuck at the next set of lights. I pulled up beside it, only to find a woman chatting away on the phone. I gave her a mouthful, but she just couldn't care less. Like you, I wish I had the go pro on.
  4. +1 :evil:
  5. What was your road position MM?

    If the driver was distracted, then you're possibly lucky he split you and went sailing into the intersection.
  6. +1 Rob... there are plenty of douches out there who will consistently run the red (barring intersections with red light/safety cameras). I'm always weary of people who fixate on the light and not the littl' bike in front of them already slowing for the light. I'll stay vigilant until at least one cage has stopped behind me - scanning my mirrors and ready to take evasive action if required.
  7. I see it frequently happen when someone slows for an orange that they could easily make, and a car gets the shits at the over cautious approach and goes around. But not that late.
  8. I was sitting in the left side of the right hand lane. I tend to stop there so if I see I driver coming up behind me I can pull off in front of the cars on the left which are stationary. As mentioned, this was one of the occasions I wasn't watching my mirrors.

    If there is a better road position for stopping, let me know? I've tended to avoid the right hand side of the lane because it doesn't leave me much space for evasive action. i.e. If I go right I'm going into oncoming traffic.

    As mentioned, not sure if he/she was distracted. The way they drove after that, it seemed like they were in a big hurry. Obviously getting to their meeting on time was way more important than other people's lives.
  9. nope. most of them are selfish wankers and make a conscious decision to break the law for their own convenience.
  10. hey that's cool. I've found a swear word that the filters miss.
  11. The trick is to use different character sets:

  12. I had this once too. I was stopped for a good 2-3 seconds (hands off the bars, just sitting there) and a van blew past me through the red light. His mirror (big square ones) hit me on the back of the right shoulder, and also him my right mirror spinning it around. No idea how he missed my exhaust (which would've been nasty). I tend to watch behind me a fair bit more now.
  13. Interesting one. The left side of right lane left enough space for the driver to split to your right. That's not owning your lane, but then if you had owned your lane and the driver was distracted you would have been hit from behind.


    I don't accept being split by a car. That takes management of your survival space out of your hands. As far as I'm concerned, your survival space is your key defense on a bike.

    Anyway, on balance, I think it's always better to own your lane.

    If there are cars behind you as you approach the red light, holding a centre/right of centre lane position and slowing down from some distance with the brake light on, means you corral the drivers behind you to slow at the rate you want and they're discouraged from splitting (no gaurantees).

    If you're alone at the red though, I'm with Blaise. Keep the bike in gear and an eye on the mirror, flashing your brake light to highlight to approaching drivers that you're there... I'd still be in the centre to just right of centre ideally, owning the lane, but stop well before the white line, like a car length or more back as that gives you room to move if they don't spot you and a better chance to get the hell outa there if needs be...
  14. In my case, it was wet, I was in the right lane, which has tram tracks on it. I was about to move into the left lane just after the lights (in fact, the tram tracks move over into their own lane in the center of the road), so I was just left of the track itself. Agree that it's best to own the lane more, but, wasn't interested in crossing the track twice in 50 meters (especially with such a tight angle). Bottom line is that the van should NOT have run the red light for starters.
  15. Yep, that set of circumstances sounds like a potential shit sandwich in the making. Glad you're ok. Road rage would have gotten the better of a lot of riders in that situation.

    What it highlights though is that a road position that leaves enough space (no matter what the reason), can invite the driver to split you. It doesn't happen often, but I'm hearing more stories about it lately.
  16. Yup. So I guess the best solution is to own the lane, watch the mirror with your bike in gear and hand on the brake to make your rear more visible. (and keep a baseball bat handy so you and beat the crap out of the driver after you've avoided them when they miss the red)

    I'm actually pretty glad about the new Vic unmarked bikes. Its these types of actions that cops may see because I think the current cops miss a lot of them. People behave like model citizens when they see a police car (or bike) but they moment they're not there they take it as an invitation to act like world class idiots. If word gets around about these undercover cops busting people, they may focus a little more on the road and less on their mobile devices, sandwiches, makeup etc. They may even get to a point where any bike is a potential police officer and start to behave whenever they see a bike but thats wishful thinking.
  17. In my case, I started to follow him, but then figured, what's the point. It'll be they same old crap (didn't see you blah blah) and I'll end up getting angry. I was calm when it happened. I was just surprised.

    Yeah, these days if that happens, I tend to pull in front of the car in the left lane.
  18. Yeh, there are a lot of clowns out there. The annoying thing for me is when another rider went into my lane (because there are cars on other lanes) and overtook me. That is just a joke. I kind of accept that if they are cars, but we are the same riders..
  19. Yup. Had this the other day. I was parked at the front, car behind me, bike comes past and pulls in front of me. WTF? Who the @*%* do you think you are?

    I can understand if its accidental (i.e. didn't see a bike in front of the car), but then at least acknowledge me and apologise, don't just sit on your bike staring in front like I'm not there.
  20. Mind you, over the years I've had more than one driver split me when there hasn't been room, by putting half their car in the dirt of the median strip at freeway speeds.