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has anyone ever hit any animals?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by stanga169, Jan 18, 2009.

  1. being a chef i finish work about 11 1130 so im on the road alot of the time when the critters of the night are out socialising and its becoming a pain in the neck especially in these warmer months. it is not uncommon to see two to three foxes on the road just on my way home. Was thinking what would happen if i did hit one of these bastards . would it make me come off ? if i did come of what would insurance say?
    just like some of your thoughts or stories

  2. someone hit one on the Melb mystery ride last week. cops killed it :) 4 pages back in the thread i think.
  3. a bird flew into the front forks on my old Vt250c when i was riding doing 110km/h on a straight. scared the living shit out of me, feathers went everywhere :shock:
  4. Ran over a cat once when it dashed in front of me, didn't upset the bike but didn't do the cat much good.
    Stupid squid wasn't wearing safety gear.
  5. I ran over a cane toad once, was halfway through a big sweeper and was like wtf is that "splattt" on the way back i slowed down to check it out and was squished frog everywhere :p
  6. does punching a man in the paddlepop lion suit in the groin as a child count as hitting a animal????
  7. no but thats gold.

    um a guy near where i live hit a cow that was on the road... it was raining sideways/fog ect he was going round a corner and yeah smack. think the cow was put down (maybe, not sure) but yeah he was in hospital for a while.
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  9. A bird flew into my left glove once, it had re-enforced knuckles.
    Needless to say it come off 2nd best
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  11. Hit a labrador dog in the left hindquarters once. It was night, the dog was black and it was chasing a cat. The dog spun around about 3 times, got up and ran off after the bloody cat again. :shock:

    The bike shook its front end a bit but not enough to prevent me staying upright as I stopped after the impact.

    If I'd hit it square on I think it would have been a different story. It was a big dog.
  12. Hit a bird via my helmet going at 100 at an interchange. Had some feathers stuck on my visor...not sure what happened to the bird...scared the shit out of me.

    phong =P~
  13. A kookaburra.
    I was on my Ducati 748 heading south from Yea to Flowerdale, on that open bit where it's preferable to kinda hunch down behind the screen as best you can ( you know what I mean :wink: ).

    The Kookaburra was flying at knee height across the road at a great rate.
    I think he noticed me at the last moment before it was all feathers & this wierd white fluid stuff everywhere.
  14. The bird? :grin: Lucky it didn't try to pick a fight with you afterwards!
  15. that WEIRD white fluid stuff was from the bird right?
  16. I believe that weird white stuff might have been bird sh*t.
  17. Brother hit a skippy a couple of weeks ago on his little 125 scooter.....
    He ended up unconscious in the middle of the road with the dead skip alongside him. Found by a bloke in a four wheel drive who nearly ran over him thinking it was just rubbish on the road.
    Amazingly the scoot only suffered minor cosmetic damage. Bro wasn't quite so lucky, he ended up having 3 ops due to damaging the fistula in his arm where he gets dialysis. :(
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    Van Halen : Jump.
    Love that band.

    Hitting animals.....common in the part of the world where I come from.
    Have hit a cow...didn't came off, had a rear tyre skid, with one of the footrests cutting through my calf muscle. (was on my Yezdi)

    another instance, hit a black dog, on a highway at 2am....skidded and came off, with some bruises and scratches...nothing happened to the dog. :|

    apart from these have numerous, hit a bicycle, went over a dead dog, hit a chicken etc.

    dead dogs/animals are dangerous...slippery like shit...and 90% chance of coming off... :|
  19. rosella or lorikeet, dunno but it WAS colourful..

    straight into my riding boot at closing speed of probly about 140km

    reckon it woulda done my ankle pretty bad without the stiff boot on it

    poor little fella!
  20. Hit a flock of Galas at a rate of knots ,one on each bar end ,leaving internal organs hanging off the front brake lever and one dead centre ,it went along then throught the top of the screen then hitting the top of helmet.

    Had a sheep run across the road and run into the side of bike ..Removed the right footpeg and brake lever.got leg up and out of the way.sheep got about 30m before dieing.

    Hit a roo,s tail riding at dusk near Walget( yes slily time to be riding out there)