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Has anyone embraced Digital Radio ??

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mickyb V9, Aug 31, 2009.

  1. Has anyone gone out and purchased a Digital Radio receiever ?
    If so, is it all its advertised to be ??
    Can you see the added benefits of it ??

    I have not met anyone yet who has gone out and purchased one. In my opinion, I think the basic services of radio is good enough - ie. you tune in and you listen.

    I know in the future it will call get transfered over to digital - but at the moment, I cannot see its benefits.

    . . . . opinions ????
  2. I'm all for it. The artist/song info alone is worth it.

    Although I'm not going to rush out and buy a new stereo just to get that. Plus prices are stupid atm, time will bring them down.
  3. There are also issues with signal penetration. Apparently it runs on much higher freqs than conventional AM or FM services. So it will be interesting to see what the coverage will be like.

    Now, a DAB radio in car, will its benefits be realised? It's an awful environment to listen to music in the first place, so will having a supposedly clearer digital signal help?

    The idea of being able to pause and rewind a song or talkback or whatever is interesting. I'd like to be able to also record said shows, too and dump them as a podcast onto a media player. That'd be handy.

    But I've not heard of any plans for such features on radios. Doesn't mean that they won't be realised, though.

    And I'll wait for the prices to drop below a hundred bux. Why spend all that dough on a receiver that will have the output as good as a cheap and single speaker, which most of them seem to be. ie. reminiscent of the early "transistor radios" that sat on the kitchen bench...
  4. waste of money imho
    what happens to the millions of car radios when they only broadcast digital? digital?
  5. apparently the Melbourne transmitter cuts out around Kilmore. We have debated selling them here at work and have people asking but they need a more realistic retail price yet and really without being able to pick up the transmission here I can't see much point. There are some units now coming out cheaper from Jaycar, the Sangean ones which would be a lot better are still expensive. I know the codec they use (AACv2+) is quite good quality at lower bitrates
  6. I thought the same, but I think most in-car radios (say <10year old cars) have digital capabilities (if enabled). Digital radio has been around in Japan and Europe for a while now. I had a Jap year 2000 make car, and I remember in the owners manual explaining the digital features (if enabled) on the car stereo. Mainly had to do with live traffic and congestion reporting.

    I guess thats where it has advantages . . in the live traffic report and congestion features. My current car has this radio function enabled, but i've never figured out how to make it work, just keeps flashing SEARCHING or something ! I think the infrastructure needs to be setup in Sydney though.

    Overall, I also think its a waste of time at the moment, i'm not sold on the benefits of digital radio yet ! I'm not really after crystal clear clarity when listening to the radio, and usually its on only as ambient background sound or listening to the footy/cricket when doing other things.
  7. Maybe drug addicts will stop stealing them?
  8. Yeah, that was the first thing that i thought of when I heard the news. But it doesn't seem easy to do at this stage?
  9. that's interesting.

    Don't forget too that we'll be using the DAB+ standard. In Europe they're using the older and not as flash DAB standard. I dunno what the Japs use.

    Maybe these radios are the older standard?

    And Smee, they won't be switching off the analog signals. Whilst digital television was always planned to take over from analog there is no plans to do the same with radio.

    Finally, as for a digital radio being able to record and playback shows why can't it be easy to do? PVRs do it easily enough. It wouldn't take much to build a single tuner unit with a SSD storage device that would be compact enough for a car. Or if used in a home entertainment system, the need for compactness wouldn't be an issue.
  10. Pause and rewind feature is a great feature but I will wait till prices come down and then will definately upgrade.
  11. I think the technology is good but it's not an option up this way, no digital radio coverage.

    As for Smee's comment about older radio's I honestly don't think it will make much difference.

    A similar thing happened when FM radio was introduced, most cars had AM only radios in them.

    Most people just kept listening to AM until they got a new car, a few people went and fitted after market AM/FM radios.

    The same sort of thing will happen this time around except it will be Digital vs AM/FM.
  12. G-S, Smee does have a point. The AM/FM thing still have the AM service running, as it does today. Where it becomes an issue is if they decide to switch it off and go entirely digital. That would be a bad idea for many reasons, not the least, the lack of coverage in rural areas. At least having a few AM transmitters scattered around the place gives us some coverage, whether it's to listen to the cricket, footy or as happened to us earlier this year, keeping advised as to the bushfire situation.

    If we had to rely in digital radio we'd have been stuffed.
  13. I don't really think that internet radios are going to replace the standard FM variety for a long while now...

    Internet radio services such as last.fm, however, are the best thing since sliced bread. best $3USD/pm I ever spent. Not only do I get radio stations that play music that I like, based on what I listen to, with no ads, I also get the ability to create mood stations. For instance, I was in a Blues rock mood today, so I typed in "blues rock" and got the likes of gov't mule, Allman brothers and a whole stackload more. And I can make playlists if I want.

    On top of this, you can tell it what bands you like and it will suggest other artists that you also might like.

    In short, I love it!
  14. Smee would have a point IF they were planning to switch off AM/FM coverage but they aren't.

    I quote from the www.digitalradioplus.com.au FAQ.

    Q: Will AM and FM radio be switched off soon?

    There are no plans at this stage to switch off AM and FM radio services...
  15. Not sure if you might be getting internet (streaming) radio and digital (broadcast) radio mixed up. However when wireless internet becomes common place and basically free last.fm and the like will probably replace radio as you know it. Digital radio and internet radio will probably merge into some kind of asynchronous multicast service.
  16. Good to see they won't be turning off the analogue system with radio.
    I still can't see digital taking off unless they reall offer something cmpletely different.
    Sattelite radio anyone?
  17. Not at all Sooty. Internet radios, as in the piece of hardware, are IMHO unlikely to ever gain a strong foothold. Internet radio, as in radio services accessed via a conventional internet connection and a web browser, are awesome.

  18. Yep, it's popular in the US and gives you a greater choice. If you were able to listen to your favorite city based stations when traveling in rural areas it'd be fantastic.
  19. You've got your wires crossed as to the topic. Neither of these have anything to do with Digital broadcast radio which was the topic being discussed :LOL:

    An Internet Radio device is simply a piece of hardware that is connected via your home network and plays streamed radio from the Internet - ie a dedicated device that does the same job that you can just do with your PC and a browser. Digital broadcast radio is simply a regular radio broadcast that is broadcast over the air using a digital format instead of analogue - ie, similar to analogue versus digital tv. It offers an additional feature set to the traditional analogue broadcast format. Nothing to do with Internet radio streams in any format.
  20. I would certainly seem that way. You know what I mean.