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Has anyone else notices

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Lurk, Jan 25, 2005.

  1. That the title for the forums page is

    Netrider :: Motorycling discussion forum

  2. what the..... motorwhat???
  3. Motorycling man, it's like motorcycling, but way cooler.
  4. Hahhahahhaa, better sack the webmaster then.
  5. I think you've got heat stroke, and way too much time on your hands :) :p :)
    Looks fine to me 8) 8-[
  6. "Has anyone else NOTICES" that "Motorycling" is the pot calling the kettle black!
  7. LMAO :LOL:

    Lisa :twisted:
  8. hehehe, good call. :LOL:
  9. Motorycling or just motorcling, that's what you do at 200kmph while hanging off the beast
  10. I think Nodz has it! If you think in Spanish, y means and, so Motor and cling is definitely a recipe for 200Kmh! Ok - too much time on my hands.
  11. Where am I looking to find this Motorycling word? perhaps I can ride a Motorycle better than I can ride my Motorcycle at the moment.
  12. Thats ok. The home page has "Netrider - Connecting riders of all motorcyle types.

    Must be something new that I missed at the bike show. :LOL: