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Has anyone else noticed a huge drop in junk emails??

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. I'd come home to 30 or more; today, just two.

    Not complaining, mind :).

  2. Yeah, I'm down to about 8-10 per day now.
  3. Sorry Paul, I've been busy of late. I'll try to whip up a script or something to ensure you get your desired amount. Did you like the viagra ones or the scam ones bets?
  4. Since he's 60, do you think he would count viagra as spam/
  5. Yeah they're all posting on here! rofl!
  6. actually ones to help my memory would be very good

    let me see, what did I just post?
  7. Actually, if that's true, I find it worrying. It implies a new ISP level filtering or something, no?
  8. not necessarily sometimes its because the spammers are stopped or get bored...

    on my email-server it won't delete any emails, just changes the subject to [spam]
  9. It's all been filtered into that stupid sacrilege thread :)
  10. Exact opposite for me. Never used to get any. Now it's a coupla dozen a day - all scams and trojan horses, too. No 'harmless' adverts.
  11. My hotmail used to get a lot , but lately , I'd be lucky or unlucky i guess if I had 1 a month, and until this thread, hadn't thought about how much I don't get anymore.
  12. I never get spam... ever. It must be because I'm very careful with my email addresses :)
  13. I get none
  14. Dropped off heaps.

    I used to get in excess of 100 a day sitting in my spam folder today only 17

    Has been very quiet in the spam department :grin:
  15. All the hackers are out playing with CommBank Netbank.
  16. 1st of July; I'm just wondering if my ISP has put some stricter mail filtering in place; I don't think it's a broader conspiracy.
  17. Agreed, but it would be interestng to know.
  18. You can check your ISP spam inbox by logging to your email server on via webmail (ie: through your browser, not through your email program). Then select you spam folder if there is one. they normally hold spam emails for up to a month like this then automatically delete them.

    I know hotmail & gmail have a very good spam filter. By routing my emails through Gmail I went from receiving over 50 spam per day, to none - all got caught by gmail server.
  19. +1 to that.

    I don't ever give out my email address. And for those irritating web forms that "require" an email address for their "records" I have a second spoof address set up and give them that one.
  20. Bingo.
    Since about mid 2008 spam has drastically declined while botnet's have skyrocketed. They now combine DOS attacks with targetted spam.
    I.E , take netbank down, then spam people saying 'netbanks down, reset your login here'. Link takes you to a dummy site, and then they stop attacking for the briefest of periods while your money walks.


    Also, about a year ago a lot of ISP's started banning entire ISP's in dodgy countries notorious for spam hosting, this has made a big impact and driven people in those I.T law lax places to seek other methods.

    See here.

    Also, there's plenty of rumours and incidents that suggest that multinational corporations and governments have started using *cough* er, unconventional, er, methods, to deal with notorious spammers. *Cough*. People have had enough. It's a multibillion dollar business that has massive impacts on entire countries, government systems, and massive corporations in terms of network usage, fraud, etc.

    When that much money is being thrown around, frankly, it's war without borders. People go missing.