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Has anyone bought tyres from USA ?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by sieben-und-sechzig, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. Hi everyone,

    Just wondering why we get so ripped off on tyre pricing in Australia and if anyone has bought from the USA.

    Just got prices from local store for a pair Pilots Power 2ct, $600 Au.

    Checked out the net and can buy them online from USA for $280 Au. plus freight ( don't know how much freight is yet but I doubt it will be anywhere near $320 )

    Does anyone know of cheaper Aussie prices?

  2. Mate freight for two tyres from the US to Australia would cost a FORTUNE!!! Think about the size of the things. I would estimate at least $300 australian. My mufflers for the ZX10 cost $110 to ship here. 2 tyres are MUCH MUCH larger than 2 slipons.

    Buy them locally.
  3. You might also find that you don't get what you think you're getting :shock: .

    Once upon a time, tyre manufacturers would match their tyre compounds to the market they were selling into, to take account of differing road surfacing materials etc.

    If they still do, you could find that you end up with a tyre that's brilliant for US road surfaces is crap on Australian ones, even if it has the same name on the sidewalls as a local market one.

    Not saying it IS the case. Just something to consider.
  4. international freight goes on weight rather than size

    $110 for your pipes ? must have been air freight , i had 2 x stock 916 pipes sent sea freight 15 pounds weight $40 US
  5. I was quoted $55USD freight for a set of tyres from the States.
  6. Yup, air freight. Wasnt gunna wait that long for em! :LOL: :wink:
  7. Freight is worked out by weight or cube and the largest option is what is charged.Just get some metzler m3s,if you shop around you can get them for $450 fitted
  8. $475, fitted and balanced. Admittedly it was for Pilot Road², but I'm fairly sure the shop was offering them for the same price.
  9. tyres from USA

    Thanks for your help Guys and Girls.

    Youv'e raised some good points that I hadn't even thought of.

    I have just got an email back on freight cost. They've quoted me $175 Au using US Priority Mail, so the total would be $455 Au a saving of bugger all when you take into account all the things that could go wrong. :oops:

    I'm booked in for a track day at Eastern Creek on the 19th of October so I need some rubber hoops by then.

    I've just worn through my first set of Pilot Powers and couldn't be happier with their performance, so I was thinking of going Michelins again.

    I have heard good things about M3's and at $450 if I can get them at that price I'd be willing to give them a go. :grin: