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Has anyone bought an Interphone Urban intercom?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by peter g, Aug 6, 2016.

  1. I'm seriously considering buying an Interphone Urban Bluetooth intercom dual set. I'm just wondering whether or not anyone here has tried this model.

    I don't need (or want) to connect with anyone but my pillion so range is not an issue for me. Just intercom, phone and GPS (which is an app on my phone). So the Urban seems to fit my needs. But it never hurts to seek collective wisdom.

    Any reviews will be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. I have the 4 riders interphone v4 one from eBay, is that the one you mean?
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  4. Thats okay. Those look good.
  5. Out of curiosity about the brand though..... has yours been ok?
  6. I have had it a week and in the rain, sounds really good. My roommate has a Sena and it connects to it fine and sounds great :)
  7. Good to know. They say that they're waterproof too, as opposed to Sena which is water resistant
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  8. It looks like this new range is a decent thing, good feature set and a lot of focus on being easy to operate without resorting to the instruction manual.
    Now you've made me want to get one.
  9. Dooooo iiiitttt :)
  10. I will. Next weekend. I'll post my own review here after I've used them for a while
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  12. How did you get it to connect? I have a Sena 20S and my workmate has this Interphone Urban, and we haven't been able to successfully get them to connect. We can get them to "pair" (maybe - in the sense that it comes up on my Sena phone app as a paired device), but the Interphone seems to know know anything about it and we can't talk to each other...
  13. I am not sure, I have the knockoff interphone one and I just hold down pair button and they seem to pair.