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Has anyone bought a GPS Guider speed camera warning device?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Sep 7, 2005.

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  3. Looks like a similar concept to the Road Angel, doesn't it?
    It all depends on how good the info you programme into it is. They say you download database monthly, but it will depend on how well researched that info is.
    Legality might be Ok, as they are simply warning you that you are approaching an area where radar has been known to be employed, which may be common knowledge, rather than of actual radar itself (which is a serious criminal offense).
  4. Yes it does, but at a 3rd of the price...

    Hmmm... thinking thinking thinking.
  5. I have a Uniden GPS 301 that I grabbed new off eBay for around $180. Works pretty darn well, I have only used it around the Newcastle area so far however it's alerted me to every red light camera and fixed speed camera around here. It's also come up with warnings on several black spot areas that haven't been sign posted, so I'm usually more cautious now.

    Another useful feature is that you can scroll through suburb names and have it guide you to the selected area - plus shows e.t.a etc.

    The other feature which seems to be being updated more and more is the Places of Interest options ... the other night I was getting low on fuel, so I selected petrol and it showed the distance and direction to the nearest petrol station :)

    It also displays direction and speed - I've actually started driving to match the speed displayed by the GPS rather than the car's speedometer, for example sitting on 100km/h on the GPS is equivalent of 106km/h on the cars display... so I get places that little bit quicker legally still :)

    I'm very careful to remove it from the window though as it looks a lot like a radar detector, and have heard of thieves breaking into cars to steal them. Easy enough to remove though.

    Only wish it would show where all the highway patrol cars were ;-)
  6. XXSteve gets around with a GPS...
  7. I got myself a GPSGuider off ebay. It does exactly what it says it does. Gives an audible warning of items in the database, namely, known fixed and mobile camera locations.

    Not quite as swanky as an actual moving map display gps unit... but fine for it's purpose.


  8. and stinky cheese hands? :LOL:
  9. Gps Guider

    Dont waste time buying a Gps Guider as the updates are no longer available and the web site has disapeared.
    They also refuse to answer emails.
    I have had one in my car for about 4 years and they are a very good unit but without updates or website access it is useless.
  10. Fark, this thread is getting on to 4yrs old. Nice revival Donny. I'd forgotten I had mine for this long. :)