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Has anybody knicked a car while lane splitting?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Booki, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. Gday guys i got my learners a week or two ago and still have a little fear of lane splitting...
    Has anybody accidently hit a car or something while jumping up to the front?

    That would be my biggest fear!

  2. I haven't, but you'll be fine mate.

    First off all, don't split, just watch gaps and pick strategies.

    The next step is to start splitting in the jumbo jet gaps with 2 or 3 cars. You'll get the hang of it. Do all this at very slow speed and use your rear brake for balance. Don't put much on your fronts til you learn your brakes.

    Then just start cruising, if a gap looks too tight. Don't take it. If you go to try, just walk the bike in gear basically.

    Once you start splitting thousands of cars, you'll really get the hang of it.

    Watch out for lane changers who don't use their mirrors and jealous cagers blocking you off too. It certainly does happen.

    Good luck mate.
  3. yeah whats with that shit?
  4. I didn't filter for a couple of months after my Ls then slowly did a few cars at a time till I got my big test one day. Half a k of parked cars on the Nepean in "rush" hour home. Successfully did em all with a very, very minor mirror clip on one car, but it just bent my bendy mirror wing back and I kept going.

    Still didn't do much till now months down the line (and off Ls) I filter just about every opportunity.

    Like nakkas said, pick your opportunities, watch for lane jumpers and get your bike handling skills up. Takes time but eventually you cut thru the traffic jams like they aren't even there.

    Safe filtering!
  5. I havent had my L's for long and havent been game to filter or lane split yet. How likely are you to get busted by the cops for doing it? Knowing my luck I would go past an unmarked cop car.
  6. me too.
  7. I think it's the same mentality that you see when people speed up in overtaking lanes, or rush to get in front in merging lanes.

    I think we're all so conditioned to the concept of 'lining-up', queuing, and "I was-here-first", that we - and be 'we', I mean 'they' - unconsciously speed up to protect their rightful spot in line.

    Still massive fcuking wankers, though.
  8. The cop car is stuck in traffic too. WTF is he going to do as you go past? :LOL:

    By the time he realises someone is filtering past he has to put his donut down, pick up a pen find his paper pad look for your plate and then you're already 20 cars along and out of sight.

    Seriously, unless there is a blitz on, most cops don't give a rats arse if someone is filtering safely. Even then they are generally after genuine lane splitters ie. passing between moving lines of traffic.
  9. If you cant do it without clipping someones car Dont do it.If you happened to clip my car and pissed off expect to be clipped yourself.In other words if you clip a car have enough decency to stop and check for damage
  10. Ha ha yea, thats what i would imagine id do, if someone clipped my car id be pissed...
    I wonder what would happen in a insurance point of view....lets hope i never find out!!

    But yea ive had one big "test" as you said, it was peak hour traffic in the morning and i was running late and i just took the plunge.
    I ended up 3 cars behind the lights and thought.....beauty lol!!
    Saved at least 10 minutes off my trip, though i felt the glares of other drivers...not a good feeling!
  11. yeah, have clipped 2 mirrors and nudged the side of a rear bumper.

    got the hell out of there as quick as possible. you're filtering, just move forward fast enough that they wont see your plate. :p
  12. I tried to knick one once, but couldn't fit it in my saddlebags. :p
  13. Gutless, indecent maggot.
  14. I'm still learning and find it pretty scary sometimes... if you don't look like you're going to fit through a gap, I find it's best to just pull the clutch in, break to a stop and walk past very slowly. Sometimes you need to lean the bike left and right slowly to avoid your mirrors hitting theirs - always better to be safe than to be beaten up ;).
  15. You're 18 which tells me you've very little experience on the rd (car or bike), and add to that you've only been on L's for a wk or 2 - I'd be cautious about getting out there and lane splitting. More experience needed - IMO anyway.
  16. Agreed.

    There's no shame in not lanesplitting if you're not confident about it... Hell, there's no shame in not lanesplitting even if you are confident with it.

    But especially if you've only had a week's experience on the bike - best to get your slowriding skills up first.
  17. I didn't filter for the first 2 months of my L's even with 8 years of trailbike experience before that. Having that fear is a good thing, even now I still only do it when the gaps still pretty large. It doesn't take much for you to clip a car if your low speed skills aren't up to scratch.

    To be honest, at 1 or 2 weeks, that was the last thing I would have on my mind. It wasn't even a consideration at that point. I don't think anyone should be doing it with so little experience or it could turn out to be a expensive mistake just to get to the front of a queue
  18. you dont have to filter even if there's a gap, if you dont mind waiting and not in a rush bcoz you'll get to your destination in time anyway. maybe 1 min late if you dont filter but its all the same

    im not saying i dont filter, i even do it wen there's like 2-3cm gap between my side mirrors and pass with not fear but most of the time i jus wait in the que if its not that long and jus watch all the bigger bikes or even L platers filter throught the middle or side.

    sometimes the safest riders gets in more trouble than the rebel riders because they are being too aware of thingsarround them and overreact.

    but do it to your judgement... if u are new and then happen to scratch their door.. thats 600-800 out of your pocket for a new paint job even if its just a hairline. and no it wont buff out...
  19. the only reason i have those barkbuster things is to protect my hands from car mirrors...because i seem to be 'adjusting' them quite often
  20. most car mirrors do flip back though...those big ute mirrors can be a bit stiff sometimes...just have to brace for them