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has any one heard of RHOK Helmet or got one

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by brewey, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. has any one heard of a rhok helmet never heard of them are they good
    I wear glasses and what to no if it comfy with glasses on with rhok helmet
    and does the visor get fog up easy

    hope I can get same fought on this

    or should I buy a shark vision r
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  2. I have two RHOK helmets, and I find them far more comfortable than my first helmet, a Shark. Better fit, exceptionally light and has protected me in two accidents.

    I wear a pair of polarised sunglasses during the day, and there are no issues with comfort, or putting them on/removing them.

    As for fogging: only when it's heavily humid and the visor's fully closed. In normal conditions, no fogging happens.

    @Takamii, the proprietor, often frequents this forum. He shall be happy to assist you.
  3. The guys who make Rhok frequent this forum. @Takamii and @Felix .

    I have one. Have had no visor issues and wear it fine with glasses. Comfy, good quality helmet.
  4. alexanderino is the shark helmet a better or my comfit fit then the RHOK ?
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  5. For me, RHOK is far superior to Shark, both in terms of fitting and weight.
  6. All helmets are different fit wise. You must try a helmet on. Just because a RHOK fits someone doesn't mean it will fit you. I have a Shark Vison R and its great with glasses and fits me well but I find it very noisy. Try on a few helmets before you make any decision. A poor fitting helmet will not protect you in an accident.
  7. Visit their website http://www.rhok.com.au and see who is near you, so you can try the helmet on before purchasing one.
  8. Just as the old "what bike should I get" question comes down to a lot of individual and personal preference, the same is true of helmets. What works for someone else wont necessarily work for you. The only way to know for sure is to try a few on - and keep them on for a bit of time. About 10 minutes or so. One that initialy feels good can start to feel uncomfortable after a few minutes. Reviews can tell you a lot about weight, quality, safety etc but for comfort and feel this will always be different for everyone.

    The other deciding factor for helmets of wind noise is also going to depend on your personal circumstances ie: type of bike, angle of head in riding position and fit.
    Good luck... but take your time!
  9. I have been using the Rhok for about 3 years now. Didn't have many real issues in the first year and a half...by real issues I meant personal stuff, like ear cavities...I don't like ear cavities, I like them warm and fuzzy, so made inserts of soft foam to fit. The real issues arose close to 2 years of use, where the visor seal was getting worse and during heavy down pour water droplets would form on the inside and run down. This could also be due to me being quiet negligent in cleaning the helmet...grit and dust build up on the rubber seal caused micro scratches on my visor. It is noisier than my AGV Stealth helmet and originally there was a whistle noise at 70+km/hr which was quiet a nuisance but was fixed by readjusting the visor mount. Overall build quality is good, fitment was excellent and really light weight due to carbon fibre composition, if wind noise is of concern, I'd say find something with less wind noise.

    To get into more details regarding wind noise for anyone interested. I will say that this helmet may not suit all riders when it comes to noise level. It is quite noticeably louder between my AGV and Rhok even with ear plugs. I have found the noise level changes depending on body/head position; riding upright on the Across, it is quieter than if I was in race style position (head down hugging tank). The reason, in my opinion, is due to a combination of poor windshield design for racing position (...the Across is designed for more pole up the arse position) and due to the air vents possibly causing added turbulence. When tucked down, fast, compressed air is smacked straight onto the top of the helmet, leaving the top vents open induces whistling for extra enjoyment. In the upright position, the wind hits my upper body and disperses, however most of that air is now directed upward through the underside of the helmet causing wind noise. To minimize this I use a neck warmer tucked under the leathers and into the helmet...although this is obviously horrible in summer with temperatures above 25C for most, if not all, people...for warmer weathers I'd suggest a helmet skirt such as WindJammer 2 or the like. If you're a tight arse and don't want to buy a WindJammer like myself, grab an old T-shirt, cut it up and some how tuck it behind the helmet inner lining...home made windjammer. (NOTE: I have never tried this so not sure how effective it is, however I don't see how it could make things worse.)

    I still use the helmet today and do have fogging issues if it's stupid cold or I just had a hot coffee on a mild day. I'm using RS Taichi Fog Out to reduce fogging (Refer to this thread).

    That's all I can think of at the moment. Like any helmet, or anything for that matter, there are pros and cons to everything depending on personal likings.

    Hope that helps.
  10. I just looked at the RHOK website. Their helmets are not cheap! They are definitely not made in Australia as they would like to have you think when you look at their home page. At that price you can pick a Shoei which I would prefer over RHOK. The Shark Vision R have a RRP of $449, but you can pick up for around $350- $390 if you shop around. The Sharp are about the best featured helmet available. I did a ride a few weeks ago with 11 mates and out of the 12 riders, 7 wore Sharp.

    Also note ROHK say their helmets are certified to AS/NZS 1698:2006 which IS NOT THE APPROVED standard!
  11. thanks Viscera99 but it hard to choosing one there so many out there I don't what to get stuck with one I don't like
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  12. When I am going to buy a RHOK it will not have anything to do with price, but due to the fact that it is a well known brand, good product and I would be supporting a small Australian business.
  13. In that case you have to go and try them on.
    Asking on forums won't help you.
  14. Yeah I'm pretty sure this is the same helmet:
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    Wrong AS/NZS1698:2006 is the current Australian and New Zealand helmet standard. It supersedes the earlier AS/NZS1698:1988
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    Never heard of them personally but after some research it seems it is a popular brand with narcoleptic cats



    Hopefully this will help you

    Shark helmets are ( like AGV as well ) based on a european head form which is defined as being a narrow fit around the head /face - if you have a narrow head or face look at these two brands

    For the rest of us that have heads that are slightly round or more resembling a basketball or bowling ball with a moon face perhaps the RHOK is defined as a slightly round shape

    However if you want the best comparison in internal shape fit the HJC is the best match - for mail order customers I tell them to try on a HJC and whatever size they are in that then they are the equivalent size in a RHOK

    In 3 years of advising people to do this there has only been 1 return as the HJC is slightly longer in the chin bar/snout area and one client said his nose or chin was too long to feel comfortable in the RHOK

    A s for glasses yes they fit in easily

    Should have told me we can organise a new seal

    Also Phongus - how about the weight distribution in the helmet ?

    Many brands are rear crown heavy add to this the wind force on the front of the helmet and you can understand how it creates a sore neck this is further multiplied when you consider a racers crouch and tuck behind the screen

    TIP for all riders

    a good test is to hold a helmet in each hand by the chin bar ( open the visor ) with your palm facing upwards when you hold it thumb wrapped over the chin bar poking into the visor opening

    the extend your arms out straight in front of you at shoulder lever

    see if the helmet wants to tip your wrist downward or not

    This will give you an idea of the weight distribution and balance of your helmet

    Also I say this with all respect and as something for you to consider for whatever brand you choose

    Your ears stick like mine and the RHOK have good ear clearance

    Many other brands I have tried on will fold my ears over downwards when putting the helmets on and its a bastard to try and fold them back up with a helmet on

    Here is the results of a crash by a customer at Eastern Creek last week on a ride day

    This will give netriders ( who may have not seen it before ) a good look at what happens to the EPS in a hard hit to the head

    First picture is the external carbon fiber shell[​IMG]

    Next picture is the internal liner - see the white lines where it has compressed

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  17. It isn't much of an issue at the moment but most likely will grab a new seal and visor off you when I come back from my Eurotrip and get my tax back in July :). If my tax return is high, may even grab new inserts :).
  18. I find the weight distribution quite good. I never have any neck pain issues with it, this could be due to the distribution as well as being light weight. I must say though, your head gets smacked around a lot more on a windy day!
  19. so would you say the RHOK stranded up good to what you have show us Takamii
    or would you say it poor quality ?
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  20. My opinion would be considered biased

    So I suggest you read this testimonial ( his helmet he talks about is not the one in the pictures above that is a different persons helmet ) from a man that has purchased 6 of them for racing do some research and ask a few people then make an decision as an informed consumer

    Link = http://rhok.com.au/testimonials.htm

    My Name Is, Alessandro Malatesta and this is my testimonial I ride a 695 Ducati Monster modified to race in limited solo in SA and twin sprint in Vic At Round 2 of the Vic titles I purchased the RHOK Lycan helmet off Mick’s suit repair, my first time around the Winton circuit with the new helmet was like riding with a base ball cap on, man their light. It was Monday the 15th of May 2011 round 3 Victorian titles at Philip Island. The weather was wet, there were periods where the track dried out but then rained again, race 3 in the afternoon I was position 9 on the grid, I had a soft front and medium rear in continentals on at the time, in the warm up lap the bike hung on really well as the track was dry, as we staged I noticed a few spots of rain on my visor. Lights went out race start I passed position 3 I was directly behind the guy on pole, 4th gear coming into turn 1 first place was Nic Borelli, as Nic dipped in to turn 1 I dipped in staying on the power the rain got a bit heavier and the bike washed out beneath me as lost traction, I am now sliding feet first towards the ripple strip of turn 1, Adam Stockdale was behind me not knowing if he should pick the gap between me and my bike or to just throw the bike down, thankfully for me he decided to stand on the front brakes and let go of the bike, Adam was high sided and thrown head first off the bike, the front wheel locked up and hit my helmet head on, it felt like someone hitting my helmet with a sledgehammer, I was wearing ear plugs and the noise of the bike hitting me was still intense, not knowing what had just hit me I notice Adam pass over me, as I hit the ripple strip I barrel rolled a few times, once I came to a stop I quickly got up and ran over to Adam whom seemed a bit vague and kept asking if the guy he hit was alright, I answered “ you hit me ! And I’m fine “, I noticed Adam’s Shoei was damaged due to him hitting the grass head first, the visor was busted and the rubber bit was hanging off, he then lay down so I checked that my bike had turned off, then checked if it were possible to get back on it and stay in the race but there was too much damage. I assisted the track marshals to load the bikes in the trailer, whilst Adam was taken by the ambulance, Adam suffered concussion and was taken to hospital for observation, I then removed my helmet and gloves, staring at my helmet as I was holding the bike in the trailer whilst travelling back to the pits, the guy next to me holding Adams bike said “helmet doesn’t look to bad does it” I looked at him and replied “would you believe a bike hit me in the head?”. There is a slight crack in the (what seems to be) clear coat and a few scratches on the front, not only am I impressed with the way I can ride easily with the light helmet but I can be rest assured that my head couldn’t be in a safer helmet, 10 stars for RHOK as far as I’m concerned. Sincerely Alessandro Malatesta
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