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Has 87crisis lost it?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Jem, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. So has he lost it ?

    He has been beaten to the " Are you hot?" Line twice already today is it time to put him out to pasture?

    Of course he could have been out actually doing real life stuff!


    Cheers Jeremy
  2. Lost it? Did he used to have it?
  3. Panthers night club hittin the pokies as partners brother tried killing himself in melb n in hospital so took the woman n her mother out to take their mind off that situation for a few hours
  4. Man that sucks , fighting depression is a biatch.Its easy to go too bad places, harder to pull your self out .
  5. Panthers & pokies ? Things are going bad . Time to clear the head and soothe the soul. Go for a ride !
  6. :p

    they were rather shit...i was holding my own having a few 200 n 400 dollar wins but the woman n her mother were draiiiiining me - prob mooched bout 800 outta me between em'

    as for the brother in law? i'll be content as long as he learns from this - he's had long term mental illness issues due to a long life of drug abuse that he's been failing to keep on top of with doctor visits n meds

    aaaand as for riding? i'm still getting out every couple days for short runs but there's alotta quotes n renovations being undertaken at casa de crisis of the moment so tend to be rather busy
  7. you've lost it .For sure.
  8. You might want to be careful in future before you jump to conclusions, as 87crisis had not mentioned what the problem with the partner's brother was actually related to, in his first post.

    Many threads have gone off the rails, due to someone guessing things without knowledge....
  9. Hi crisis,

    Sorry to hear this.

    Hope all gets back on track soon.

  10. . You Apply to be a mod if you want to give instruction.
  11. I somehow don't think crisis is precious enough to be offended by the sentiment expressed if in fact morbosity is wrong.
  12. Morbosity, learn some decency , for all we knew, he may have shot himself.

    You guessing on something you had no idea about at the time, wouldn't help anyone in that situation.

    As for you Lilley, read the above....
  13. I am calm ,I am calm , I am calm

    try harder asshat
  14. It was standard you through and through. If crisis takes issue he can report it. He had the presence of mind to put it on a public forum in the first place.
  15. hey 87, best wishes with the family situation

    I'm planning a Saturday ride up the Putty if you'd like to get out for a few hours
  16. +1

    Hope things get better for you guys,

    I opened the door for a guy at the servo yesterday.Poor guy had some muscle dysfunction and moved very oddly.Life must be hard for him
    When things look bad i always open my eyes and look around me. makes things seem not so bad

    You never know what im lightly to do - putty sounds nice and soul restoring
  17. Back to the topic at hand.

    87crisis is a total nutbag and godbless him and all who sail in him.

    Keep pushing the envelope brother and get your shit together on the early "Are you Hot" questions, sheesh.
  18. Nothing suss

    Well wishes crisis, my eternal stalker foe
  19. Nope, all purely above board on HMS Crisis
  20. I'm not south Australian jd =P and no offense taken and thank you for the support but I've got bikes and a horse of a dog to keep me busy ....will be making a trip down bermagui way in a few weeks once a few things are sorted regarding renovating the house and the new bike is upto scratch....

    Bottom line - I'm not Offended and honest mistake on morb's part ....Lilley is right

    I hate iPads...written other shit then ****ed up n deleted it....stupid Mac shit =P

    Will be AWOL gambling tonight (sister agreed to me buying her out of her part of the house at discounted price so .....**** yeah ! )
    So the welcome threads are free game - so don't go thinking you've beaten me to it. :]