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Hartwell series off to a fiery start at Mt Gambier

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by pvda, Mar 14, 2006.

  1. Don't see fires in bike racing often but when they happen :shock:

    This was the result of a couple of bikes coming together off the start I believe (2nd hand info off another forum [mcnews]) at Mac Park in Mt Gambier for the first round of the 2006 Hartwell Series.

    (use the slideshow button on the top right of the screen to go through all 38 pics)

    That's the last thing a couple of club racers need at the start of the season :(

  2. Is there no Fire/Crash crew on deck during these days?
  3. There's no simple answer except to say "yes & no"

    The Medical & Safety services provided depend on the level of event and what the promotor can afford to provide.

    Looking at the pics it looks like the medics were on scene in a reasonable amount of time which is the important thing, after all bikes can be fixed/replaced the riders are more important.

    As for the fire, judging by the size of it it was a fuel fire being fed by one or both bikes fuel tanks and is extremely difficult to put out with just Dry Chemical extinguishers. I've had bigger fuel fires in car racing but I've also had a fair bit of fire training through my motorsport involvement and unless approached the right way is very difficult to put out.

    Marshal posts usually have a fire extinguisher as part of the equipment issued out each day (along with things like brooms & flags) so a fire extinguisher is usually not too far away from any incident that may occur.
  4. Oh man, no ambos or firies isn't good at a race meet. Were the riders ok?
  5. Maybe there are some Firies with an interest in bikes? Toxic clouds of crap given of by burning bikes can stuff you up really quick. Firefighting is best only attempted by the trained and properly equipped.

    We were invited to be fire marshals at Indy. But that was only because cheap ass Indy wouldn't pay for anything.

    INDY AD (not a real ad)
    "Are you a qualified Fire Fighter? Come and be a Fire Marshal at Indy! Get yourself to Indy, pay for your own accomodation, own meals, heck pay for everything. Then come and work all day for us and we'll give you a.... T-SHIRT, thats right an Indy T-Shirt!."

    I still would have gone if the wife would have let me! :driver:
  6. Welcome to motorsport my friend.

    I'd hate to think how much money I've spent, some would say wasted, on being a volunteer motorsport marshal. I've worked 20 F1 GP's so far (this year will be 21) which includes 10 in Adelaide, 10 Bathurst 1000's, most events at Sandown, PI, Winton & Calder for the past 20 years), several Superbike rounds incl Eastern Creek & Perth, several rallies including Canberra in 2003, most events at Avalon Speedway for the last 10 years, the occasional drag race event at Calder & heaps club level bike events at Broadford & PI. All the interstate trips involved sticking my hand in my pockets to pay for some or all of the costs (couple of trips had air fares or fuel covered).

    I've actually wound back my involvement from this year as I just cant afford it any more :(