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HARTS Post learner course in NSW

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by charoli, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. Has anyone done the post leaner course offered by Harts in NSW?

    I've recently obtained my L's, have ridden a few hundred kays, but would like to get some more training so I don't start developing bad habits on the road.

    Worth the $150?, or was it more the same pre-learner type stuff?
  2. I did this course about 3 months after getting my Ls, at St Ives. Personally, I think it was worth every cent...particularly the slow speed stuff, and the practice that we got for the MOST (we were taken through the MOST and the practice MOST course that they have there) so at least we found out what we were up against.

    I approached it from the view of improving my skills, not passing the MOST...specially the slow speed riding, buffering etc. The little tricks I picked up were reinforced (from the pre-learners) and ingrained and allowed me to practice them in my daily commute....things like looking where I want to go (around bends/corners), how to ride at walking pace (very handy) etc.

    That's just my personal opinion. If you do a search on the post-learners, you'll get a few more opinions.
  3. Yea, I also did this post learner at St Ives, You get to know the location, the instructor and what you will be doing for your pre provs and the most test, i did it on their bike so it got me used to the honda that I later rented off them to do my p test, so it helped that way for me too.
  4. Thanks, intending to do it to get some more skills & advice which we didn't get in the pre-learners. Not thinking of doing it as a refresher for the P's test, and not really rushed to get my P's. Rather be a better rider on L plates practising new tips learnt, than just passing the MOST.
  5. I am a bit the opposite. I didnt really learn anything from HART St ives, compared to what i did from reading on here.... and yeah i spent hours reading on here waiting for my bike to arrive....

    yeah you spent time doing the MOST so I had a clue when it came to P test what it was going to look like. But seriously, was not worth the cash. I booked in prior to my bike arriving, and prior to me then riding my bike around my estate for 3 hours. I wasn't sure if i would be confident so wanted some more pracitce.

    What did they teach you, corner lines, start wide, finish tight, all that i learnt on here. Keep your head up, especially when doing slow spped manvoures. Keep your buffer zones, 3 secs, when riding on the road and how important that is.

    Just my 2 cents.
  6. thanks ralph, sounded like you got a re-hash of what I got taught in the pre-learners course, which I did at Stay-Upright. It's sounding more like a practice session for the MOST, which I was hoping it wasn't going to be.
  7. charoli, come to the MOST practice sessions over at Homebush if you can. Better to practice that way I reckon. Then when you feel confident, do one of the more Advanced courses rather than the pre-learner rehash at HART.
  9. Come over to chipping norton lake park close to liverpool, its a long private road, thats got lots of winding roads all level, limited to 40kph so great for learners to ride up and down away from the traffic, large car parks and on weekdays not many people around, so you can practice going in circles and stop starts etc, there is also a boat ramp where you can practice hill starts. I also live in the area and just passed both prelearner and preprovisional courses and because im just over 30 got my full licence now, I live in the area and would give any pointers tips and meet up with other learners in the area.
  10. Thanks Dru. Will be coming along when my weds become free. However I was around there last weekend looking for the area you guys practice on. Couldn't find it. Ended up at the P5 carpark where I practiced a bit. Can you pinpoint it on a google map?