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HART what am I to expect?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by gix750, Mar 2, 2006.

  1. I have been riding for many years but saw the banner for the HART advanced training advertised on this forum and decided to book a class. Has any body done this course, what am I to expect? :?

  2. It's a great course. Do the intermediate, not the advanced. Both courses are almost exactly the same but you get more instruction time in the intermediate and less people who think they're king dingaling.

    You'll have a ball and it will whip your riding into shape and eliminate some of your bad habits.
  3. Its not that I believe I am a great rider it's that the lady on the phone thought the advanced would suit me better, I may have to give them anouther call and re-book.
  4. Tell me how this topic belongs in the in the Businesses and service providers. I am certain I will get some bull@#$% logical explanation.

    You certainly make new comers welcome! :evil:
  5. Don't worry about what forum it ends up in, it's no big deal.

    Don't worry if you can't get out of the advanced and into the intermediate - they're both good. The only real difference though is that for the advanced you have to arrive at HART and ride on the freeway for 40 minutes to get to calder park, and then do that same at the end.

    Once you're there, you don't use the racetrack, you go out on the pit lane of the Thunderdome and do your exercises there - apart from ONE lap around the dome in which you're not allowed to exceed 100kmh or go up the banked wall.

    The course material is fantastic, but you're better off doing the intermediate simply because it's on site at HART and you basically get all day on a specifically setup course.

    I've done both and I'll probably go back and do the intermediate again as a refresher sometime.
  6. how much does this cost??
  7. About $220 is the rack rate.

    If you turn up to their Ride for Life day there's sometimes discounts.