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HART vs Rider Bros. Learner course

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by PJ2, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. I was speaking to a bike rider the other day, stating that I was going to get my bike license and complete the HART Learner permit course. But they said to stay away from them and to got to Rider Brothers at Calder.

    What I am wondering is what are other peoples opinions on this etc?

    PS I've added this to 'New Riders and Riding Tips', as I think that it is better suited to this forum.

  2. Did both my learners and P's at HART in Tullamarine, and I thought they were extremely good, very professional etc.
  3. Did my learners at HART St Ives (NSW). Very professional, good teachers and decent equipment, so no complaints.

    Only issue was that they had a very harsh policy on people being late. One guy was 15 mins late and wasn't allowed into the class, had to rebook.
  4. My opinion? That rider probably failed at HART and then passed at Rider Bros! HART are undoubtedly one of the best facilities. I would stick with HART if I were you
  5. It is clearly stated on the letter they send out when you book that if you are late, they will not let you start due to safety....which he/she would've SIGNED and agreed to.

    Rules are rules.
  6. Go HART anyday. I did my L's with Rider Bros and didn't like the manner of the guys. The one doing the training was rude, arrogant and exactly what you'd expect of a harley rider..

    I just did the Reefton ride with the HART guys and they're awesome blokes. I found out from them that I've been taught quite a few things wrong from the beginning, their first question was where the f*ck I got my L's from..

    Go HART anyday..


    I have done both L's and license at HART Tulla. I found them very professional and helpful. They are also very strict and I've heard other riding schools not even making the students do the proper test and passing them.
  8. I got both my learners and more recently my licence at Rider Bros., and I thought they were terrific.

    The trainers were friendly and took an informal approach to their teaching style, yet they were comprehensive with the knowledge and skills that they imparted I thought.

    I really couldn't recommend them enough! :)
  9. Anyone done their knee down course? It looks interesting...
  10. I got my L's at HART and my P's a Rider Bros. Both I thought were quite good although their style of teaching were very much different it seems. The HART L's course I did over two days and my P's test was over in an hour. If I decided to do an advanced course I would proberbly go to HART as I felt they did take a more professional approach.
  11. I did my L's at Rider Bros.. after they finished giving me all the answers to the written test, imparting nearly no road knowledge, and swerving a few times, I'm doing my P's at HART.

    Oh, and the CB that I used there was rooted, dropped out of gear repeatedly, stalled (not because of clutch control, just because it was rooted).
  12. Bike

    Deathsminion - You ride a GSX750? - on your L's?
  13. I admire your honesty. So you’re well mannered and humble because you don’t ride a Harley? Hell, I like you, you can come over to my house and fark my sister!
  14. :? Who Nightgash? What schools? Don't believe everything you hear. Did my Ls with DECA and they failed me (had every right to cos I sucked!) and then I booked back in with them for a private 3hr lesson/test and passed after satisfyingly completing all the set criteria. I was impressed enoug with the instructor that I'm going back to do my Ps with them.
  15. Shounak wrote:
    Shounak - did you tell the instructor what you thought of him? I think your above post is rude, arrogant and exactly what you'd expect of a harley basher.

    Nightgash - the reason I ask is because I've 'heard' similar things about DECA but guess what? They failed me first go and I believe he would've failed me second go had I not displayed the necessary skills.

    People's opinions on riding courses differ due to what they've 'heard' and what they've experienced. Some will bag a company whilst others will have nothing but praise for them. It's all a waste of time really. To the OP, just book in with whoever is cheapest/closest and go along with a ready mind. All the best with it!

  16. Re: Bike

    No, I ride a CB250. The GSXR750 I look at, fondle, clean, and occasionally have wet dreams about.

    One day I'll be able to ride it!
  17. No Rosie is was not DECA or Rider Bros. I have never heard of DECA where are they located?
  18. Bullshit. She can come to mine..
  19. No, I didn't tell him. I just wanted to get my learners and run. They went through my learners questions and asked me if I'm "dead sure" about a few of the questions. They also told me I could ask them questions about riding.

    I didn't memorise the rider handbook at all, but I got only 1 or so question wrong on my test. Hilarity?

    I was also given no supervision at all, the place is a POS.. But I was grateful for my "no skill required learners". My P's test with DECA was much better..

    BTW, all you people with your knickers in a knot. Lighten up. A few of my mates dads ride Harleys and I give them heaps of shit about it, it's all in good fun..
  20. I did mine at HART in St Ives - they were excellent. Really professional, easy to understand and there were no stupid questions - even from me who's never even driven a manual car before. I recommend them highly.