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HART vs Rider Bros. (learner course)

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by PJ2, Apr 21, 2007.

  1. I was speaking to a bike rider the other day, stating that I was going to get my bike license and complete the HART Learner permit course. But they said to stay away from them and to got to Rider Brothers at Calder.

    What I am wondering is what are other peoples opinions on this etc?
  2. I did both my learners and license at Rider bros.....
    I can not fault them.
    Although they seem to be a bit more relaxed than HART, their method suited me. Not sure what the actual rules are but during the license course 2 guys came to grief and crashed but they were allowed to take a break, calm down and have another go. We all passed.

    I did the ring around thing before I made my decision and discovered that Rider Bros are also $20 cheaper than HART.

    In reality, I don't think either one is much better than the other, what you learn in an L's course is minimal compared to what you learn out on the road for yourself. L's course you never get out of 2nd gear, and its really basically only teaching you how to operate a bike, not how to ride one.
  3. I went to HART years ago for the L-plate course, no issues because
    I'd ridden dirtbikes for years... but then...

    I sent my gf to HART to get her learners because they had a discount
    special, and got WORST service EVER. She came back in tears because
    of the instructor being rude and unhelpful and critical that she couldn't ride already, instead of teaching her and she was nearly turned off bikes for years. I'd have punched that instructor

    A few months later she went to Rider Bros and although nervous she had a good time and got her L's *hooray*. She's now fully
    licenced etc and happily riding. :grin:

    Since then I've heard dozens of beginners report the same attitude
    from HART. Seems that HART are ok to pass you if you already can
    ride but won't help if you actually need teaching.

    When I used to sell bikes on that side of town I sent
    people to rider bros and EVERYONE gave them a great rating.

    Rider bros were also great on my advanced course. Within 1/2 hour they
    had me achieving skills that I'd been trying to develop for years on my own. Should'a just gone to see them earlier :oops:
  4. I've had a great time at HART but then I didn't need so much help.
  5. debatable!

    I know people who've done Hart having never ridden and came away with a smile and some L plates. They've then gone onto their P's and done the same. This was in Kilsyth, so maybe Tulla is a little harder on their students.

    I've never had any issues with Hart and Rider Bros wouldn't be in business (for long) if they were totally crap, so maybe go for a a quick trip, check them both out and go for the one that looks like it'll suit your style.
  6. The guys at Rider bros also used to be instructors out at Motorcycle Motion.
  7. did my Ls and licence at HART. they were fairly tough but when you talk to them it seems they take a bit of responsibility for what they do and they don't want to send unprepared people out to die on the roads.
  8. I paid for one of the rider bros courses and as it was just before the Christmas period and being extremely hot WE (he and I) decided to postpone (plus they had no one else booked) with the understanding that I would do it when they got back from holidays etc. However despite several attempts to get them to ring me back and set another date they never did.

    So now I get my money's worth by baggin them...lol.

    I wonder how much should be deducted from the balance for each baggin??
  9. i did my Ls and Ps at Hart Tullamarine. For my learners... i was the only person to pass in my group. the others were luckily offered to resit the test on the same afternoon. They seem a bit tough but i learnt a heap from them. On my first day of riding a motorcycle in my entire life, my arms were stiff and they really made a big deal and told me to relax my arms and put my nose above the petrol cap. For my Ps, they put a huge emphasis on shifting your head towards the direction you want to do and keeping your eyes up (not looking down on the road). It certainly heaped me corner much better. I really enjoyed having Val as an instructor for both Ls and Ps. You can leach so much info from him.

  10. Wow only you passed out of the whole group? What happened to the other people, did they crash or lose to many points? I have to admit though there are some really shocking riders that come to do their Learners and I think for their own safety its better if they get failed than allow them on the road and have them kill themselves or others. I know one person who I did my license test with was a shocker of a rider, and guess what they failed their test because they fell off in the counter steering test.
  11. yeh for my Ls...2 ladies went off the road...into the grass and stacked. one got a bit of bruising. One had to change into a scooter coz she was too terrified. basically people crossed the line (misjudging the speed of the corner), missed the box and stalled. For my Ps...everyone passed.
  12. That's not so unusual at HART Tullamarine from what I hear...

    Yeah sure, but you're paying for TRAINING as well as a test. Surely at least an average of 7 out of 10 should pass after training, or else HART aren't training people properly. I have been a trainer for 16 years and consider if more than about 5% of students don't pass, then there is something wrong with the training rather than the students. Other riding schools don't report that sort of average, rather the reverse.
  13. Hi All,

    I reckon I've covered this one a bit b4, having actually seen and experienced both, not been told.

    My g/f, did her learners at rider boys, passed, but had no idea on how to ride. She only vaguely remembers doing a test, but all passed.

    She was petrified on the road, had no idea what she was doing.

    I asked about extra practice but was told they dont do that, something along the lines of thats what a learners is for. true but no good if your a statistic or so scared off motorcycling....

    I rang around and went to hart's open day, for more riding tips for her.

    She did some practice at hart, enjoyed it, learned a bit, and did her licence at hart, even used 3rd gear.

    not sure if m/cycling is for her as still a bit timid.

    if you want to learn, hart. if you a 100% not matter how crap you'll pass...............

  14. Interestingly, most of the instructors have worked at Hart or elsewhere at some stage.
    Some of them will say they found the course too "structured" which is why they went to teach at other schools.

    The sad fact is, most of the schools merely teach people how to pass the test and not really "ride" a bike. Taking off, changing to 2nd and doing a slow left/right, "quick" stop and a slow ride are the "bare essentials" for not falling off and represent a joke when it comes to the reality of riding on the road.

    there's a lot to be said for some of these organisations conducting "Actually Learn how to Ride" classes before doing the learn how to pass the L's classes.
  15. They teach you at DECCA in shepp. Id never ridden before i went for my L's. i didnt know about pushing on the bars or anything, but they showed me a lot. and when i went for my p's too just for a brush up.
  16. Did L's and P's at HART, never had a problem with them. Wife has done some practice sessions there as well and they are very good.

    HART do 2 L's courses, a 2 day designed for people that have never ridden and a 1 day for some experience, possibly some have taken the wrong course.
  17. did my Ls at HART in Tulla. were nice enough to me but I picked riding up pretty quick. they told a few people to pack up, go home and learn to ride a pushy first though.
  18. Well I know HART (Tullamarine) would welcome any legitimate feedback about any instructor who was rude, upset a student, or even just didn't do their job properly. Of course they may have just been brutally honest to those who weren't happy with the instructor.

    I agree with what others have said; I think HART is more interested in teaching you to ride than passing you. They do follow the rules and testing procedure set out by VicRoads to the letter, that's true. HART will fail you if you fail. This isn't the VCE, so there is no standardisation of the results. Mind you, I saw some pretty poor riders at HART, but they still passed. I have heard that other training centres are willing to let you re-sit the written exame immediately until you pass, which is a worry. After all, we need to know the road rules and motorcycling principles if we are to remain safe on the road.
  19. HART v Rider Bros

    I have done courses with both Rider Bros (L's) and HART (Full) and there are differences.

    I drove out to do my L's at Rider Bros which I had booked a week in advance, when I got there there was nobody there and they didn't call. After re-booking I finally got to do the course. I walked out of there with my L's without problems.

    I found the booking etc much smoother through HART, they called for confirmation and were there and ready when I arrived to do the course.

    The course itself was great (I did the one day) I found they prepared you well for the test but also covered alot of general riding/safety points. My impression is that they were about preparing you to be a safe and skilled rider not just capable enough to pass the test.

    Personally I would have to recommend HART when choosing between the two.
  20. Hart all the way

    I did my Ls at Hart Kilsyth recently and couldn't fault them. (Can't comment on Riders - no experience).
    Hart were very professional, approachable and supportive. They have a 1 day course for those with some riding experience and a 2 day beginner course. I could empathise them getting annoyed with those overestimating their ability and going for the 1 day course. That would only hold the others in the group back and not speak well of their general on-road attitude anyhow.

    I'll definitely be doing my Ps with Hart.