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VIC HART Somerton

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Not2Old4_2wheels, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. Not sure where to post this as it's a mixture of a flog & polish (NB: Flog is not of HART).

    Firstly I like to say how great and professional the guys at HART Somerton were on Wednesday. Both Stuart & Misha provided good advice and encouragement during the whole day. Never made to feel you were not good enough to ride a bike (even though I felt like that on a couple of the exercises). I did my learners with another company and I'm really glad I did my License with HART, chalk & cheese is all I can say - thanks heaps guys.

    I passed my license test on Wednesday which I'm excited about, but also very nervous as to how easy it was to get my license. I only did my Learners three months ago and with less than 2k (~40 hrs) of riding I was surprised as to the minimum skill level that is required to get a license. This is a Vic Roads issue and I am aware it's being discussed elsewhere so wont mention anything else on it.

    I did the test on a motorbike instead of a scooter (which I'm use to) and did ok. I chose the motorbike rather than the scooter as I want to have some confidence when I change over ;) . Hope I can now take on some of the extra knowledge provided by the guys at HART. Will definitely be doing one of their intermediate & advanced course once I'm ready.

  2. No Way! I was there too! I 'think' I know who you are. I'm the that had the brilliant idea of putting my hand up to be tested 1st, just so I could make an idiot of myself and fail my 1st round. Stupid bloody test.
  3. Lol yeah I was a couple after you. Tests is always nerve racking.
  4. I did my L's with HART Somerton. Misha and Mick were great.
    Will DEFINITELY be going back there to do the additional courses.

    I'm looking at going to do the Learners to License Pre-course. Want to make sure when I go for my P's that I'm READY ready. Not just think that I know what I'm doing!* :p

    [* - NB: this is more a reflection on me and my prior stupidity, not aimed at anyone else!]
  5. It took me 1 year till I deemed myself ready to take the license test. No use in rushing things just to get a bigger bike when you can't explore the full capacity of the bike. Cheaper to invest in training and development to better yourself as a rider before taking the next step.
  6. No matter how ready you think you are, when it comes to the 'test' it rattles most people. I did well all day until the 'test' section then went to jelly. Even if I had years of experience under my belt, I still turn to mess in test situations.
  7. Just did my licence test at HART Somerton yesterday...Many thanks to Val & Juz, I now have my full licence (albeit restricted for 12 months)!...such a good feeling to remove that L-plate!
  8. Congrats! :) =D>