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HART Rider Training

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Loz, Jan 10, 2005.

  1. If anyone's been out to HART for their intermediate or advanced courses, can you give me a bit of a review? What sort of things do they run through? Is it worth the $200 or so to take a day course?

    Also, anyone interested in booking in together?

  2. I did the intermediate course last year. Single day course, they tailored the class pretty much to what most of the folks were interested in. Which was pretty much slow/moderate speed tight cornering and maneuvering, VERY low speed stuff (slow ride, U turns, etc), emergency braking and swerving at higher speeds than you do at the learner and P-plate courses, throttle control, and a few other bits 'n pieces. Great course, I really enjoyed it and learned a lot, but it is focused towards relatively low speed stuff so if you're looking for something to help you in the twisties or on track days the intermediate course isn't for you.
  3. I'm with ducky, also did that course last year. I thought it was a big combo practise day of everything you learned in the learners and license courses.

    Don't be misled though, it was well worth it for the practise and refreshing of things that you easily forget and take for granted.
  4. I also did the intermediate course last year and thoroughly recommend it. It gave me so much more confidence of what the bike can do and how low I can get it!
    Lots of slow speed manoeuvring confidence building stuff :)
  5. I've done both the inter' & the first of the advanced rider training courses at HART. While they were fairly good they r both just a rehash of the 'L' & 'P' courses without the presure of if u stuff up u fail.
    The inter' course is 'lots' of slow riding training. As I had a sports/tourer I had a bit of trouble adjusting 2 there 'Hornets'(bl*#dy things, u've got 2 sit up on them :shock: ), but by the end of the day I was having lots fun. :D
    The 'advanced' course was held out at Calder Park on there flat square area. On this u were able 2 get up 2 around 50/60km/h. Still more dodging witches hats, but at least they don't hurt if u hit them by mistake.
    If u do a lot of 'city' riding they r well worth it, if u don't ...... well maybe not so much.
  6. Haven't done the HART course but recently did the superbike school cornering course at Broadford. Still smiling and learn't more about cornering a bike that day than I had learned in 13 months of riding. Lots of high speed stuff, great fun. Totally different course to the HART one. Don't do the superbike school if you wan't to tighten up your slower stuff.
  7. I did the intermediate HART course a few weeks ago learnt alot, improved alot and had an absolute blast!!! :cool:

    This Saturday I'm fronting up for the Advanced Course.....looking forward to scraping CB600 pegs a little more. :grin:

  8. Hi Matt

    How did you find the Advanced course this month?

    I am also thinking about doing that one straight up.

    Then maybe the advanced stay upright or superbike school.

  9. I didn't, I had to fix a server at work and didn't get home until 3am and then slept through my alarm.

    I'm in the waiting list for someone to pull out of the next few sessions otherwise I've lost my money.

    the intermediate course was absolutely brilliant though.
  10. Intermediate >= Advanced

    Do the intermediate twice. More time on the course.
  11. I did the intermediate course at HART and had a ball.. Improved my cornering dramatically.. Got me really looking through the corners rather than fixating on specific points through the corner..Much smoother and quick at slow speed Uturns.

    Im booked into do the Stay Upright Adv. course at Broadford.. Ive spoken to several riders who have done both the HART adv. and SU adv. course and they both said the SU is better..

    Apparently the SU course you can much faster and they concertrate more on street cornering lines compared to Calfornia SB School or SU Cornering and Braking courses which focus on racing lines/braking..

  12. Cool

    On the intermediate course do you get a 600 if you own a big bike?
    Or is there a chance that they might give you a 250?

    I was wanting to book the SU adv course for the 1st week in Sep.
    Might see you there :grin:

    Wondering wheather i should do the HART int or just go straight for SU
  13. They give you CB600 but you can choose to take out a CB250 or one of the scooters if you want...entirely up to you.
  14. I think a big consideration for some will be that you ride a HART bike at their course but must risk dropping your own bike at the Stay upright course. I wouldn't want to risk throwing my new bike down the road at a time when my insurance doesn't cover me.
  15. Maybe I should do the HART int then move to SU Advance.

    I went with Shannons because they cover you for training days with an instructor present.

    It was only $150 more that other insurers.
  16. Why do any course if you only ride once a month? :p
  17. Prob more the reason too :p