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HART Post-learner course

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Rybky, May 5, 2008.

  1. Has anyone done the Post-Learner course that HART runs?

    HART Post Learner Course

    Just wondering if it is worth doing or not, I guess any training has to be worth doing.

    If you have done it, how much was it? No price on the website.

  2. Its basically training for MOST test. Both the L and P tests taught me little if anything that I didn't already know. I'd suggest spending your money on cornering and breaking courses as they are less basic.
  3. OK, so something like the Handling Dynamics course?
  4. I did this course at St Ives about a month back, about half the time was practice for MOST, the other half was cornering, road safety and a bit of clutch control.

    Can't say I came away with huge amounts of new skills, but it did help me with analysing my cornering technique and whether I should go for MOST or not
  5. Yup I think that would be money better spent.
  6. hmmm

    Hmmm I thought the MOST test was mainly low speed stuff so the Post-Learners would be helpful...?

    Guess it depends on what you want to get out of the course....

    I'm considering a course too!
  7. Re: hmmm

    Most test is just 5 minutes, its at the end of a full day of teaching and talking. I'd say the post learners is only for people not confident at all with riding, a waste of time unless you having problems with the basics.
  8. I did both those courses and I found both of them very worthwhile. If you are very confident with your P's test, then skip the Post Learners course. I'm glad I didn't. I learnt a few things about how I handle my bike. When I find an empty car park, I still practice a few U-turns and figure 8s (this is 16 months after I got my licence). I really like the slow stuff. Many riders don't like it but I'm different.

    Handling Dynamics is good. It's a course to do probably a few months after you get your Ps. Maybe soon after, depending on how much riding you do in twisties.

    I hope to do the advanced course one day.
  9. Any course is worthwhile I think. It is a question of money and time available. Although I practiced a lot and I was "confident" with the test, I still learnt a few things from the POST Learners. You'll know whether or not to use your bike or their CB250s (does HART still use CB250 or CBF250s).

    Someone was cocky during the P's test and thought that he would be good on his Ducati Monster. He did not pass (probably due to nerves). The rest of us remained open minded and realised that riding is not just about the Ps test, HART try to teach you others things that are important on the road as well.

    Good luck with getting your licence.

    Definitely do the handling dynamics if you do not do 'that much' riding. (PS: How much is enough?)
  10. which course is it where they take you out on the road?
  11. Post Learners, you take you on a short trip around St Ives and Terrey Hills
  12. and the price for the post learners???
  13. It is the Pre-Provisional course that takes you out on the road, according to the HART Post Learners course page (see link in OP) this is conducted on their simulated road circuit not the open road.
  14. They take you on the road

    when I did the course last year, The course Post learner is the same as the Pre Provisional course, you do the practice, road ride, basic classroom questions answered and then you do a practice MOST

    So when its time to do the real thing, youve already done it so makes it easier and less nerves are needed to do the Provisional couse and Most.

    Its also good to do if you are going to rent a bike for the MOST, because you get the feel of the bike before the real test, they had CBF250s and @125 scooters when I did it, they do have a road trail too, but nobody used them when i did it, you can also use your own bike

    the price was around $150
  15. I just did the Post Learner last weekend, and would recommend it even if you're confident on your Ls. I am fine on the road, but the slow speed stuff you have to do to pass the MOST is quite tricky unless you intentionally practice it a lot. You only have to come away with one good tip to make the $150 worthwhile - in my case, it was "turn your head and look behind you (where you want to go) to do the U-turn in the 6m box - whatever you do DON'T LOOK AT THE YELLOW LINE!!!"...
  16. Bit late I know but just my 2c worth - both my wife and I, being complete novice riders, have done the Post Learners course at HART, St Ives and have found it invaluable.

    So if you are a complete novice, I would recommend it. I am actually booked on the Handling Dynamics course in August and then hopefully Stay Upright Advanced I in September or October....
  17. After reading this topic yesterday I called a nice lady at HART and said:

    Ruthie: Hello! Are you girl friendly?
    Lady: Ummmm... yes. Very. Why?
    Ruthie: Okies. Can I please book in for the Post learner course please?
    Lady: Sure! And don't worry there'll be plenty of girls on that day too.
    Ruthie: Yay! Thank you!

    Need... to... practice... for... Ps test!!!

    *is freaking out at the 16th Aug dateline*
  18. Ruth

    My wife rides FAR less than you do, and she passed her P's. So stop worrying!

    I definitely found the Post Learners course money well spent.

    I'm doing the Handling Dynamics at HART, St Ives on the 17th!
  19. Hey guys,
    First post...and hoping I'm getting this right.
    Didn't want to start a new thread...I've spotted that's looked against poorly LOL
    Just got my L's about 6 weeks ago and hoping to be on my bike for the first time this coming weekend. Plan to spend plenty of time practicing and really just getting out there, but have also been looking at courses to make sure I don't start off with bad habits etc.
    I've found either HART or StayUpright look to have the best courses available in Melbourne, any suggestions or recommendations from new riders (or experienced riders!!) on which course may be worth booking into or other tips on what I could do?