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Hart Open Day

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by cnstr, Feb 25, 2004.

  1. OK Peeps, it's that time of year again, HART are holding their open day at the Tulla site again april 3/4.
    It's a great chance to try out the Honda fleet and get a raging hard-on from the sheer pleasure a work of art can bring.
    Oh yeah, and the last time i went, they were offering discounts on the
    courses as well.

  2. I haven't actually heard of this. I take it you get to see this years Honda line up...? Ride the bikes...?
  3. going on last time,
    you rock up, book a time on one of the bikes and you all set out as a group to go for a quick blat.
    nice little course to try out the bikes, but alas not
    long enough to go for a REALLY nice Blat.

    Hmmm, think the 'bird, sp, cbr600rr and if avail cbr1000 will be the choice this yr.
  4. Can you come along and watch? Is it worth watching, anything excit'n happen? You mentioned discounts on courses as well. I take it you mean the advanced rider courses etc...?
  5. last time, if you booked and paid ofr a course on the day, you got a discounted price.
    if you want, you can just have a look at all the masterpieces of modern machinery.
    they also have the police bikes (yeah) and intro
    courses to motorcycling.
  6. Do they allow you to have a blat on a bike that's beyond your licence?

    Ie. I'm still only P's, could I try out a 600? See what I'm missing out on?
  7. you'd have to sort that out with them.
    i know they won't let you ride bigger'n 250 if still on learners.
    when are you off your restrictions.
  8. Hmm... Can't remember now... only took the licence test a couple of weeks ago I think...
  9. No. You have to show them your licence before they will register you to ride the bikes. However, a lot of the bikes are available there for test rides year round, so as soon as you are off restrictions you can go there and test ride the bikes.. proper ride too... 30 mins but you can negotiate longer if you want.
  10. I just did the HART Intermediate couse, levels 6 and 7 on last Sunday, and at no time were we required to show our licences.

    At the beginning, in the classroom the trainer asked "you guys all have your licences, don't you?" and of course, we all nodded.

    Dunno if this is common practise or not.