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HART Open Day 2005

Discussion in 'VIC' started by brokey, Mar 2, 2005.

  1. from http://www.hondamotorcycles.com.au/news/ride+for+life.htm
    Free Event!

    Yes, it's on again. Honda Australia Rider Training and Roadsafe have joined forces for the annual Ride for Life event held at HART, 85 Sharps Rd, Tullamarine, 3043.
    When? April 16th and 17th, 2005.

  2. Sonds pretty cool,i'll be up for that,who else is going? 8)
  3. That's not far from me, and I'd love to have a few test rides....hmmmm, I'll pencil it in.
  4. I think I'll come along to this

    Also, nice eraserhead avatar :)
  5. I will make a maybe for me, depending on what is happening at the time.
  6. Me thinks I'll mosey along to sit on a few dem new motorcicles arrrrrrgggghhhhh.........

    Sorry I was just possesed by a pirate..... I'll pencil it in too
  7. yeah why not
  8. I went last year and found that Honda dont make a bike where someone of 5"4 can reach the ground. The guy there suggested I try out a cruiser :shock:
    My response: Jam ya cruisers up ya bum, I'm going to Suzuki where they make bikes that us shorties can reach the ground on :LOL:
  9. I had almost as much fun being a pillion ... especially enjoying my first mono :)
  10. Yep, I'll definitely be going - it was a really good day last year. I'll try to book in for a couple of test rides too, as I missed out last time :(
  11. You need to experience the joys of Sachs, couldn't believe I could get both feet flat on the ground WITH BENT KNEES! Shortarse heaven.

    I'll be hoping to get my hands on the VTR1000 and VFR, maybe give the ceeb thou a go if the line is less than an hour.
  12. Now thats what we like to see! :D Another Suzi convert! :p Top effort Honda! :LOL:
  13. Yeah, I sat on a sachs last week. Comfiest seat on a bike i have ever tried.
  14. Has John convinced you to borrow it yet? Can I have a ride? ;)
  15. It wouldn't take much convincing after trying the seat out and No, you can't (unless you fill in another disclaimer form and take it in your own time :p )
  16. I agree with you Debs, the only bike they got for short riders is 50cc Scooter. Their @125 is pretty high for a scooter which is not a sporty look.

    The only thing good to go for is they will have discount riding gear!!! more than half price! but those are clearance stocks or discountinue line. So... make sure the item you want to buy won't have any faulty, otherwise they are nasty if you want to get an exchange or replacement.
  17. sweet

    :D i will be free on the 17th which is a sunday
  18. Excuse my vagueness but what exactly happens at open day?

    I don't have my license yet but I am working towards getting it.

    I've never actually ridden a motorbike b4 (been a pillion lots) so I'd like to check it out but would there be any point in me going seeing as I don't have my license yet?
  19. Absolutely. Don't miss it. They have discounted prices on courses (if you get in early), information on safety, test rides of bikes on the road (you need license), and also 'have a go sessions' of their learner bikes on their test area, sausage sizzle :) , and at least one retailer selling good priced gear.
  20. "and also 'have a go sessions' of their learner bikes on their test area,"

    So I can go for a squirt even tho I don't have my license?