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HART - Off Road Training Course.

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by MelbourneMick, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. Has anyone done the HART Off Road Training Course?

    I am asking from the point of view of someone who has done no off road riding on a motorbike.

    Was it beneficial?
    How much actual riding do you get in?
    Pros / cons??

    Interested to get some feedback.
  2. Not done the off road course (yet) but I intend to. We've both done some road based courses at HART St Ives (Sydney) and the level of instruction is tip-top :)
  3. I've been looking at doing this too Mick......let me know if you're going ahead with it - I might do it with you
  4. No worries fella.
    Just been having a look around at what is available.

    Interested to have a crack just for that bit of extra experience.

    See if it helps make my decision on a second bike also hahaha.

    Will keep you posted for sure.
  5. hmm always freshen up the skills! it'd be an interesting event.
  6. Cheers mate, same deal for me too. Want to try something new and build on the bag of tricks.
  7. I did the course in Jan this year. A few years ago I had done a BMW course, so I had some idea of what to expect, but generally I am a road rider. What I learned from the HART course:

    1. 230 cc dirt bikes are really light compared to a roadbike, and the lighter weight makes them seem quite powerful.
    2. You spend a lot of time spinning the back wheel, it's really fun going around corners using the back wheel spin to tighten the turn.
    3. I learned to do a wheelie! Scariest thing I've ever done, but OK once you have done it a few times. (Must say I've never tried it on the VFR though)
    4. I had a lot of fun just riding around the course at HART. Hills, soft sand, turns, bumps, hell I even got both wheels off the ground a few times!
    5. Fell off once, but slow speed on dirt so didn't even feel it.
    6. At the end of four hours, I was covered in sweat! It's much more intense work than riding on the road or even on a racetrack for someone like me.

    I had a great time. I'm seriously considering buying a dirtbike just to tow around and use on holidays.

    It was up to usual HART standard and I'd recommend it to anyone.
  8. Thanks Galex this is exactly the kid of feedback I was looking for. Cheers for taking the time to reply.

    Can i ask what gear did you wear? being a road rider I don't have any of the off road kinda gear. eg helmet, goggles, gloves etc etc
  9. When I did the BMW course I got some BMW GS boots (for about $400!) as I was told that foot/leg injuries were most likely with the mostly foot out riding style, and I'd recommend decent boots of this kind even if you don't use them again as most important gear. I also got some Fox pants and dainese shin/knee protectors, and they were pretty cheap and I wouldn't recommend them. On top I had a Dainese textile road jacket with back, shoulder, elbow and forearm protection and it was OK, just very dirty at the end. For a helmet I used my road Arai Vector. If I was seriously doing it again though, I'd get body armour from Fox, O'Neill, Dainese, etc and just put a light top over it. It would be way cooler and less restrictive than a road bike jacket. I'd also get a dirtbike helmet and goggles as the roadbike helmet is not that comfortable with a lot of dusty dirt in the air. I tended to open the visor and that just let the dust in. I guess if it was wet it wouldn't be such a problem, but you have to believe that dirtbike gear is different for a reason. The peak on the dirtbike helmet is probably also pretty useful.

    I think that's about it. Oh, I also had dirtbike gloves, which are very light and thin compared to roadbike gloves, but give good feel. They are pretty cheap too. I probably would have got more use out of something like BMW Santiago boots over the GS boots, but what the heck. The GS boots are good but there are plenty of equivalent types around.
  10. awesome info !!!! Thanks again for taking the time to pass on your experiences.
  11. Sounds fantastic Galex...

    Mickyboy.....if you're in - I'm in....let me know (y)
  12. Hey Bitman. yeah i am keen for it. only thing holding me back at the moment is gear. need to put some thought into aquiring some.
    Ends up an expensive day if you never use the gear again.

    but then if i get the gear....it means i can justify the second bike, which means..... arrgghhh here i go thinking again !!!
  13. Yeah I did this course a year or so ago.

    I've done a bit of dirt bike riding in my time but still found I picked up quite a bit (HART were really good at adjusting the course to suit the skill level). The exercises were well set up and the instructor we had was really good, explained thing well, demonstrated perfectly, great feedback/hints etc.

    I think this is a good thing for everyone to do to be honest, give you a good feel for a bike washing out, spinning wheels, locking wheels, sliding wheels, extreme weight transfer etc etc

    One thing I will say is if you go at a time of the year when it is wet be prepared to get really, really muddy/wet/smelly.
  14. I'm in the same boat mate...............I'm hoping I can borrow some for the day before committing to another bike.....(the missus would do horrible things to my man-components if I showed up with a Dirty :demon: )
  15. hahahaha I've go the green light for a second bike.... i just have to make the right choice as I may not get a second chance!

    do yoi know if you can hire this kind of gear?
  16. @BitStar and @MelbourneMick those mesh suits with all the attachements as in elbow, chest etc are sold out of a place in Ringwood, and ebay store usually well priced. Got a nephew selling a dirt bike check bike sales section if interested [and if it's still for sale] sounds like a blast tho
  17. 1- You lucky bastard! :D

    2- No idea about gear hire....although I'm sure it's not out of the realm of possibility....I was hoping to hit up a mate of mine with a Dirty (WR400)
  18. I wish they could have something like this in brisbane :(
  19. There is several
  20. Only one I found was down the coast with adventure rider training... Are there others?