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Hart Off Road Introductory Course

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' started by uncosnail, Feb 20, 2010.

  1. Did the introductory off road course today.

    We started off riding around the flat, and doing corners. Was told to have one foot sticking out, and to lean the opposite way to the corner.

    Next we did emergency braking sitting down and then standing up. On the one standing up, the bike stopped but I kept going. Body armour is a good thing. That was my first drop of the day but not the last.

    Then we had to ride around and lock up the rear brake, then lock up the back brake to get a feel for it.

    Next was hills, on the way up to a big hill I stalled the bike part way up, so just jumped it before it started coming down, then dragged the bike down the hill so I could go again.

    Next we had to do mono's, was told to push down on the suspension and then blip the throttle, didn't seem to work for me, but I think I did about 2. The next part was to go towards a log, and do a mono to get over it, I sat that part out.

    Next we did corners but corners that have an incline on them, so you sort of ride up the corner, put pressure on the right peg and have your left leg out.

    The next we did was to put all the skill together and ride around a track which included a few jumps. Whilst doing the jump my hand on stuck on the throttle, and the front wheel lifted more up into the air.

    One thing I am glad off, when doing jumps, is that I don't have balls!! One guy said he would have bruised balls tomorrow.

    I came off going around the track not really sure what happened, but went over the side of the bike and landed on my arm, so arm has this huge lump coming up at the moment not sure what it was.

    I came off about 5 times today, but each time got back on straight away and got back into it. I think every one else came off at least once.

    There was instructor and 5 students.

    I still have dirt all over my face.
  2. haha that sounds awesome, where do i sign up.

    hey what bikes do you ride?...i hope they give you bikes for the couse
  3. Sounds like you enjoyed that.

  4. It was a CRF, and yes they give you bikes for the course, but you have to supply your own gear, nylon pants, body armour (definate must), knee guards (definate must), jersey, boots. Check out the Honda site in the course section. I used a road bike helmet and boots. You can use your own bike for the course if you want to. We did a lot of the course standing up on the bikes. It was very challenging for me as have never been on a dirt bike. Most of the 4 hours was on the bikes, and we had a couple of breaks, at it was 34c.