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HART Off Road course

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Mick M, Jul 5, 2015.

  1. Hi Guys and Gals,

    I've just come home, absolutely pumped after the above course. Did it this avo and had a ton of fun. First time on a proper dirt bike, so didn't know what to expect as a road rider.
    Never thought I'd be able to do jumps, but cleared a 3 metre long flat-top without too much trouble towards the end of the afternoon.
    There were 3 of us learning, with Mark as the instructor. Top stuff. If anyone in Melbourne wants to get better on the loose stuff, I'd highly recommend this. Best $200.00 I've spent, since getting my licence. Now I can get serious about adventure touring. Perhaps not on Suzi, though.

    Anyone looking for a clean GS500F?

    BTW, I'm not connected to HART in any way, so this is just a free plug.
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  2. Where abouts do they run this course Mick?
  3. I've thought about doing this course myself, do they loan out gear or do you have to bring everything with you? cause I don't have pants with knee protection and that seems to be a requirement
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    Only at Somerton, around the side of the main building

    We used their CRF230 or CRF150 (for smaller riders) bikes free of charge, and I wore my DriRider road gear textile suit with my normal inserted armour padding + a HJC road helmet.
    Even with all the internal layers out on the jacket and pants, I still sweated like a little piggy and it was only 12 degrees. It's a very physical thing, manhandling the little bikes around the course. I have a new appreciation for MotoX competitors.

    Mark said they can loan strap-on knee pads, if necessary.
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  5. Mick MMick M a man after my own heart! After doing a bit of dirt on the whinja over the weekend I realised that I know jack shit about how what to do in the dirt. But I felt that it could be fun on the right machine and without 30kg of gear on the back.
    I too have eyed off the HART off road but had thought me on a dirt bike :rofl: but then I decided after such a shit hot weekend of riding I don't care if i don't look like something out of the pages of bikeworld anymore. So I am looking at booking in for when i am down from Port one weekend. then i might go do a bit of dirt riding up north somewhere on a little yammie...
    Glad you had a good time and FUN! :D
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  6. Hell yeah Maid! A little 250 would be perfect on the the mid north coast!

    I've been looking at bikesales and daydreaming about the days I used to ride a 250 dirty in the forests in Coffs Harbour.
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  7. Hi mate excited about this... now looking forward to Pre Ps at HART on the 2nd of Sept...

    Also looking for a clean GS500F...
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