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HART Intermediate training course

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by happy.grl, Dec 23, 2007.

  1. Shaggy and I went to our long awaited HART rider training course today - and what a fantastic day it was. Mostly sunny, and only a couple of small rain patches - I'm glad we weren't doing it yesterday.

    The hornet was a great bike to ride - I've only ever ridden on twins before, so I was more nervous about that than anything else at the start of the day, but after an hour or so I got really comfortable, and stopped worrying about stalling.

    I'm generally a pretty timid rider - and I've got the chicken strips to prove it, but after today I feel a lot more confident, I can't wait to jump on my own bike to try out my newly acquired skills.

    Some things really opened my eyes though - my slow riding sux... make that SUX!!! and my countersteering needs work as well. On a bright note my e-braking is really good.

    The first time going through the course I almost lost it in a couple of corners, and my left turns were shocking, I just couldn't get it all together.

    By the end of the day I scraped boot, and then peg doing a couple of really quick left handers around some seriously tight corners and was throwing the bike around in a way that I wouldn't have believed I could do at the start of the day :twisted:

    To anyone who is thinking about doing this I highly recommend it. I'd definately do it again, or at least have another crack at the course, which they told us you can do for $60 for 1.5 hours the evening before any intermediate course.
  2. Great stuff guys.. Nothing like thrashing around on someone elses bike with no fear if you drop it.. :grin:

    Must get to one of those courses myself.. :cool:
  3. Do it. It's a top day and I think there's something for all riders in this course.

    I learnt more about my riding skill level today than ever before. :)

    I was really chucking it around the course at the end of the day I just wish we had more time to go around a few more times. Or maybe not - my arms really sore!! :LOL:
  4. You can do play for 1.5 hrs on the entire course @ tullamarine HART, with instructor and their bike, for $65 - when they have the course set up that is.

    It's a good course... my insides rebelled at the "grip the tank with both knees at all times" philosophy though... but it works at those speeds.

    How'd ya go with the throttle on off slalom... I couldn't do it thottle only. ...messed with my mind!
  5. The slalom was one of my fave bits - easy in second, doing it in first was tough, still managed but not smoothly, I reckon another hour would have gotten me there.
  6. I sat there in nuetral trying to vary the revs between 2 and 3 thousand repeaatedly... the throttle move was too fine for my fist of ham... the rest of the course was good though... not as fast as I'd like through those esses though...