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HART Intermediate on 28 Dec

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by dima, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    Is anybody going to do a course on 28 of December?
    If yes, PM me and we can ride there together.

    I booked the intermediate course after I had got a small discount on motorcycle show.
    Hope I'll like it.

  2. What is the syllabus for the intermediate course (or the basic course for that matter)?
  3. Sure you'll enjoy it regardless of whether anyone from here is going. It looks like a great course.
    You get use of one of their bikes in Vic for this course?
    Qld HART at Mt Cotton require you to use your own bike but it's $100 cheaper. $100 isn't much for bike hire and fuel for a 6 hr course although some of that time will be taken up with theory.
  4. As far as I know byo bikes aren't allowed here in Vic.

    I'd love to do it on my bike since that's what I'll be riding for a while.
    But I don't mind to try the Hornet and feel how 600cc compares to 250s.
  5. He is talking about the HART Intermediate course. You are not allowed to use your own bike on it.

    dnagir, depending on how booked out they are I may make a last minute decision to join. I think I'm getting the course for a christmas pressie.
  6. Great. PM me or post here when you'll know.
  7. Sorry just realised you wanted someone to ride there with. I wont be riding there anyway as my bike is broken.
  8. How did you go?
  9. It was good. I had a bit higher expectations, but no regrets at all.
    Got to practise things, learned a few too.

    But also realised that I like 600 way much more than 250 :)
  10. So you did get to ride a 600 at this course?
    Telling you, it's the bike :p
    Try mine next time hehe
  11. What 600 was it ?
    I upgraded to a 600 about 6 months ago and fkn love it
  12. CB 600 Hornet. So well planted on the road. Way much better breaks. Smooth throttle. Not even talking about the acceleration.

    It was a little harder to steer, but I liked that because I often oversteer my 250.

    All in all, I just felt safer on that bike.
  13. What did you expect that you didn't get?
  14. #14 dima, Dec 30, 2012
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2012
    It was basically repeating all the same stuff. Counter steering, slow riding, swerving, EM braking etc.
    Most of those things I often practise myself. So I felt it wasn't the most productive time for me.
    But it still was good because I was supervised and my techniques were "approved" giving me a little more confidence.

    2 things I liked the most were braking into a corner ans a "track" that was set up from cones where we could apply all we learned during the day.

    Braking into a corner is something I'll start practising more (both in a lean and standing the bike up).
  15. Thx for the info!

    I was looking into this course, but unfortunately they don't offer the Intermediate in NSW.

    I'll have to do the Handling Dynamics, and will do the Advanced Course when I upgrade to a larger bike, but even the Advanced Course is only the single course and not available as I and II like VIC.

    Also, no option to use their bikes. Wonder why the offering are so poor here in NSW?
  16. Hey I did the level 6 & 7 "Handling Dynamics" course at St Ives a few weeks back. Highly recommend it, I think its the equivalent to the intermediate. Good helpful instructor, great twisty private road. And you can actually hire their bikes, they have vtr250s, cb400s and hornet 600s you can use. :)
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  17. Thx mate! I'll probably do the Handling Dynamics course in April when it cools down a bit. Too bad you have to hire the bikes. In VIC, it looks like they supply one to you.