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HART Handling Dynamics course

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Bigchief, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. I know there has been a few threads on this but thought I'd give some feedback since I did it today.

    Did it at HART, St Ives. It's a 1/2 course with the option of either doing it in the morning or afternoon and done entirely on the track at HART (i.e. no road riding). The class is restricted to 6 riders but today only 3 out of 5 turned up. Which was excellent as we got to spend more time doing stuff and getting loads of instructor feedback.

    If you've done your L's, Post Learner's or P's at HART, St Ives you will be fairly familiar with the track. However, the 'HD' is done on the 'other' bit of the track (which is about 2km long) and has some interesting corners. Apparently the track was originally designed as a police rider training course.

    The time in the room is just for intro's and giving an overview of what the 1/2 day will consists of. Then out to the bikes and talk about setting up the bike. Learnt a few things I was not aware of. Then you're out on the track for the rest of the time apart from the break. First bit takes you through cornering (with an interesting hairpin turn) where you practice loads of setting up, body position (looking into the corner, bum slightly off etc.). You do it from both sides with the instructor leading for 2/3 rounds and then him following a rider for 2/3 rounds in turn and stopping to give the person feedback. We did some counter-steering practising by weaving through cones at about 40km/h...great fun! Practiced emergency braking. Blipping. Braking in a corner (coming to a full-stop, as well as breaking in a corner to slow down, and then continuing)...

    We got LOADS of instructor feedback. I think that was what we covered and it was $130 well spent. Our instructor, Mick was fantastic.

    So definitely a course I can highly recommend!
  2. does the course offer you a loan bike for that price?
    and if you take your bike does insurance cover you if you have a stack?
  3. No, a loan bike is not included but you can get one from them. Not sure what the price is.

    I checked with my insurance (Insure My Ride) and yes, my bike was covered during the course