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HART Handling Dynamics course - review

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by tiggers, Oct 17, 2011.

  1. Did this on Saturday, at Mona Vale

    Great day with a good mix of bikes, 6 including me (as usual the only dual sport – klr 650) a brand new guzzi V7, brand new ZX10, brand new Daytona 675 and a fazer.

    A good mix of riders with two of the guys returning to riding after 20 + years and me the only one still on my P’s.

    The Day kicked of with a rider introduction, name, riding experience and what you were looking for from the day – for me it was cornering and getting some feed back on lines.

    First part was a couple of slow laps of the lower part of the course to familiarize us with it, and then we stopped just before a decreasing radius tight left hander. The course instructor walked us through the corner marking out turn in points and roughly where we should have finished setting up for the corner, braking, right gear and sight lines. He also talked about body and head position to help with cornering.

    We then had a demonstration from him on how to take the corner (these guys can ride!) in both directions before walking on to the next corner which was a slight left right then a right hand hairpin up hill. Here’s where the fun started, 5 laps practicing lines, braking and with a follow the instructor, him following you. I got a lot from just following him.

    Some of the one on one feed back was that I’m sitting to upright so had to lean forward a little more to loosen up then arms – worked a treat!

    20 min break

    We then moved on to running the course in reverse, another 5 or 6 laps. Then on to ebraking down from 60k’s and feed back from the instructor, so a full lap, stop at the marker accelerate to the cones and come to a stop as quick as you can – first one I totally locked up the rear…after that all good.

    More laps and feed back.

    Then on to counter steering – cones spaced fairly wide apart and taken at whatever speed you were comfortable with. The instructor gave us a demonstration then talked about keeping your head up right and moving through the hips, head out to the mirrors, keeping the bike upright. Great fun……….started at about 20k…….5 goes later was hitting them at 50 no problem.

    Finished that segment and it was end of the day.

    Was it worth the $145?


    From not only the confidence that I gained in the knowledge that am heading in the right direction – but also the additional feed back I got.

    Was my riding any better on the way home?

    Doubt it….

    Will it be when I get out in the twisties next weekend – pretty confident it will

    All in all I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be back to do another early next year. My theory is for a price of a pair of new gloves (which I don’t really need) I can pick up some new skills and improve my riding.

    This learning thing is great fun
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  2. Thats good. Would be nice to do a course there where I'm not tested!!

    I think I would pick a LOT of good tips too, so I may just do that!