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HART Advanced Course

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by KwakaChic, Nov 10, 2005.

  1. So, i am going on a HART advanced rider training course on Sunday and was wondering what to expect and if anyone else is doing the same course?

  2. What to expect is basically the intermediate course with the witches hats further apart. the Calder Park location can be very cold when the wind blows, bring your liners.

    The level 10 course would be better, but they don't run it any more (waiting for new bikes, possibly going to strip down some CBR600F4i's into naked hornet type bikes but until then they're not running the Broadford days.

    For my money, if the intermediate course is cheaper I'd just do that one again, the exercises are literally the same apart from TWO laps around the badly-surfaced Thunderdome, for which you're not allowed to exceed 100kmh or go up onto the banked section for insurance reasons. Yay.

    Having said that, I reckon it's a valuable course, especially if you can get yourself plenty of one-on-one with the instructors.
  3. It just goes to show how things have changed since I last did the Level 10.
    It was done at Calder and you didn't need a back protector, you rode the bikes from Tullamarine to Calder and at the end of the day, in the final session, you could go as fast as you liked around the track for whatever time they had left.
  4. I've done my learner and license courses at HART (Tulla) and would thoroughly recommend them to anyone wanting to learn to ride a bike. All up it's a good mix of theory, instruction and practise.

    Have been lookin around at doing the next step up and the SBS course at Phillip Island came very highly recommended. I've been tossing up b/w that and the HART course so would really love to hear what you got up to kwakachic.

    Good luck with the course.
  5. From memory, I recall an interesting exercise where the get you to lock up the front wheel (on grass), realise its happening and then quickly release it again.
    Another one was avoiding objects while in the middle of a corner e.g. fallen rocks or road kill.
    Another exercise involved a sort of Ghymkana where you are timed to do do a figure of 8 course around some cones. Sort of tests your braking, cornering and bike control. :D