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HART Advanced Course

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by lui, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. Anyone been to the HART advanced course recently and found it useful? I attended the handling dynamics course few years back as a returning rider, and looking at the descriptions the advanced course seems to be an extended version of handling dynamics and I was wondering if it's going to be worthwhile attending.

    Also a question that needs to be confirmed with insurance, does it generally cover training courses?
  2. Advanced 1 is good. At the police training range on HART bikes so insurance isn't an issue.
    Advanced 2 is at Broadford on your bike or theirs (costs more on theirs) . Some companies cover your bike, some don't.
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    Thanks for the info, it seems advanced 1 & 2 are only for VIC, there's only one advanced course in NSW.
  4. I did it a year ago in sydney. All training is good as i see it and worthwhile.

    Did yu have specific questins.

    Yeah insurance should be ok, but check with your insurer.
  5. I've often wondered about this as well but have been half-arsed at bothering to chase it up any further...
    • NSW 1 x 8 hours (for Advanced) @$280
    • VIC 2 x 6 hours (Advance I & II) @$300 and $340 respectfully.
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    You should, it's like around the corner from you. :)

    There's one coming up this Sunday, 29th, but it's going to be wet, so free upgrade to wet weather training.

    I have since looked at Advanced 1 & 2 from SU, looks more targeted training as I would like to improve on cornering (adv 2), but they cost $440 and $470, higher fees due to use of track.
  7. If you are going to do the SU course...then don't bother with Advanced 1....just go straight to advanced 2
  8. Hart spends the arvo on cornering. Its harder to go full speed though as the track is more road like with roadside furniture

    Maybe that doesnt matter. I was still scraping pegs on my Buell Ulysses that i took then.